Armhole measuring

[color=violet]Hello All I am new to this forum and this website but I can see from all the posts that I am going to LOVE it. I registered for this forum because after searching the internet and looking in my one and only knitting book I am having an issue. I am making my first sweater for my mother in law for christmas, and it is turning out just beautiful. :cheering: I have finished shaping the armholes and the directions tell me to continue until the armhole measures 8" well I dont know how to measure the armhole. Do I measure straight from the first bo stitches or do I hold the measuring tape diagonally? Any help on this would be great so I can finish this sweater this weekend. Thanks in advance.
Gretajanne [/color]


To measure the armhole, hold something horizontal at the bind off of the armhole and then measure straight up.