Armhole measurement

hi, all…

just have a question about armhole measurements, as i’m finally to the armholes on the back of the sweater i’m struggling with. (i don’t know if i’ll ever be done…this graduate school thing is really getting in the way of my knitting!)

anyways, does one measure along the edge of the armhole, or vertically from the beginning of the armhole?

thanks much all.


Measure straight up. Hold a straight edge of some kind across the back at the point where you began the armhole and measure straight up to the neck edge.

I think patterns should say “armhole depth” or something like that. Measuring all the way around would be the “armhole circumference”. I think “armhole measurement” is ambiguous.

thanks for all the advice!

i agree that the wording of “armhole measurement” is ambiguous. the fact that it isn’t more specific is just more proof that i’m not in charge of things.

the next hurdle to get through is going to be the neckline. i’m sure i’ll be asking for more advice.