Armhole dilemma, please help!

Hi there knitters! On my first ever projet which I’ve thrown myself right into with a baby hoodie!

Just doing the back and for armhole shaping it reads;
[I]Cast off 3 sts at beg off next 2 rows [53 61,67,73, 81 sts].
Dec 1 st at each end of this and foll alt rows 2 more times [47 (55, 61, 67, 75) sts].[/I]

So what I’ve done so far is to;
cast 3 off, knit. cast 3 off purl.

And then I was going to (on right side again) dec 1 at the beginning and the end, then purl a row etc. 2 more times.

Is this right? What’s thrown me is the ‘at each end of this’ line. Should I have cast of 3, knit, then decrease one at the end? Really want to just keep knitting so please help! :slight_smile:

So far, so good. Now on the knit side you should decrease one st at the beginning of the row and one st at the end of the row. You can do this by knitting one, knitting 2 together (or see ssk on the decrease page for a better slanting decrease), knit to 3 sts from the end, knit 2 together, knit 1. Purl the next row, repeat the decrease row, purl the next row and repeat the decrease row a third time.
Sounds like a great project to throw yourself into. Good luck with the rest of it!

Yes, you’ve got it right. You can dec at the end of a row, so most decs will be on the RS rows, at the beg and end of the row. The decrease rows come after the BO rows, they’re not combined.

Thanks heaps! Very helpful replies :slight_smile: :smiley:

Should I be knitting that first stitch of the row before my k2tog (i.e. so I would knit together stitch 2 and 3)? Is that necessary?

Cherers :thumbsup:

You can if you want, may make putting in the sleeves easier.

Thank you! I ended up doing SSK on one side and k2tog at the other.

Another quick question! Sorry! :aww:

Reading ahead for the left front of the hoodie, and it says ‘cont in stocking st until work is 11 rows less than back to cast off’ - where is that? Bottom of my back piece to where I cast off for armhole shaping? that doesn’t make sense!

thanks :slight_smile:

No 11 rows less than when you cast off the shoulders on the back. Fronts have a lower neck shaping so you start them sooner than on the back.