Armhole boarder number of stitches

How do I decide how many stitches to put around an arm hole please?
Making short sleevless top but went off pattern and decided to do a few rows of garter at the bottom edge, neck edge and arm hole edge instead if the 1x1 rib which the instructions gave.
Neck and bottom edge are looking okay.

The arm holes,
Would I pick up and knit the same number of stitches given in the pattern (107) or would I reduce or increase the number because I’m doing garter instead of rib?


You’d probably like to reduce the number of sts since garter stitch won’t pull in the way ribbing does and it tends to be wider in itself. This will call for a bit of experimenting to get the look that you want.
The usual ratio for picking up sts around stockinette is 3sts for every 4 rows so that may be a place to start.

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Thank you.
There are so many things to remember!
I should make a note of this 3sts to 4 rows for future reference.

I’ve managed one side which looks OK i think, more luck than skill though. I actually have more stitches than the pattern said! I have flat joined the shoulders with front and back both having a few additional rows so thought I’d add stitches to account for the longer arm hole… I think it’s only laying flat because it’s a narrow boarder that I’ve added.

Partly wish I’ve just stick to a pattern as given somthat I don’t give myself these issues, but partly feel if I’m hand knitting then why not make changes and put my in spin on it for an individual outcome.
I never like what I make either way even when I am pleased with achieving it!

Thanks for your help