Armhole Bind Off question

okay, i’m using this pattern:

Romper (photo at bottom of page):

and i’m on row 31, where it calls for binding off for the armholes. i can bind off knit and purl, but haven’t gotten much more venturesome than that. so i’m binding off the 27 stitches when i realize that i don’t know how to count this, d’oh. luckily the pattern is explicit and has stitch markers, so i just mosey along on my way to the last stitch before the stitch marker.

i get to the last stitch, and i can’t figure out what to do with it. i don’t think snipping the thread and pulling it through is the answer. just bind it off into the next stitch? i’m supposed to knit in the back and front of the stitch after the stitch marker for an increase, won’t that “overload” this stitch too much if i also use it for binding off?


i guess i should just wait until i get back from vacation and take it to my local group to ask, but i wanted to take this project with me…

help appreciated muchly.

Every stitch that you take off the needle is counted as a bound off one. The stitch that’s left is part of the remaining stitch count. You won’t overload your stitch by doing an increase in it at all.