Arm warmer blooper~ bind off question!

So i’m knitting these wonderful armwarmers for my DB for christmas. I was kip and was just hitting my BO row when I saw my stop was ahead. I didn’t want to not get it done before class so I immediately, and without thinking began to BO the way I was taught without thought to the fact that I had ribbed the hand opening and COULD BO in ribbing. The way I was taught is to BO in K. Well, the end result is an unstrechable edge that SHOULD be stretchy. Unfortunately I BO, cut, wove in the ends and THEN tried it on AFTER class! D’OH! His hands are bigger than mine and I am uncomfortable in them! What can I do? I don’t think I have enough yarn to make a third one! Any ideas? I’m really anxious about this because the warmers match the hat and I didn’t even buy the yarn, got it in a trade and would have NO CLUE where to get more!


You can undo the BO, then you might want to take out one more row (to give you enough yarn) and BO in ribbing. That should give you the stretch you need, and if it doesn’t, redo the BO with a needle a size or two larger.

Being you wove in the tail you should know where/how you did it and be able to reverse the process. Then do what suzeeq posted.


Hi, I’ve been making arm warmers for the last 2 months or so. If I read your message correctly the bind off edge was to tight. I had the same problem last week. I could barely get that opening on my hand. Now I know to bind off [U]very losely[/U] to make it comfortable. I think that would work for you.That would cover all the bind off methods weither it’s in knit, purl or ribbing.