Arm pain

Help! My arm hurts. :waah:

I do ultrasound for work, so I have to take care of that arm! (It already takes a beating Monday - Friday at work.) I am going to physical therapy to treat my arm for tendonitis, but the pain is more in the muscle on the back (hairy side) of my forearm and upper arm and not so much in the actual joint (although the experts say the pain is ligament in origin.) I am doing exercises everyday to stretch and strengthen, and I didn’t knit for about a month. It seemed to be much better, but as soon as I did a few sessions of knitting, I am right back where I started. :tap:

I know that in view of the world’s problems this is small potatoes. But, I love knitting; it helps to calm me and tries to keep me sane.

Has anyone had any experience with this? Is there a remedy?

Yeah, sounds like tendonitis to me! You can deeply massage that area with the thumb of your other hand. There are quite a few discussions here if you search for things like “pain” “tendonitis,” etc. Here’s a thread to get you started searching for help:

Keep looking. There are others.

Thank you for the link, Lisa R. It shot me to several other links that answered some of my questions about the pain.

That’s the worst! I’ve had problems myself & have had therapy with not much luck. I have a friend who has been going to school for acupuncture & he’ll be “needling” me this week - looking forward to it!
Hang in there - maybe just knit at small times & not in large doses? Easier said than done - I know!

I hate to say it but if it’s tendonitis you’ll probably have to rest that arm for about 90 days to allow it to fully heal.

I had pain in my wrist just under my thumb, primarily caused by tight muscles and tendons pulling the wrist bones out of alignment and pressing a nerve. After 2 acupuncture treatments no more pain! It really does work and the muscles loosened up some too.

Go to an occupational therapist who is also a certified hand therapist. He/she can make a splint for you so you can keep your hands/wrists/arm in the best position for knitting without causing increased injury. Bring your knitting when you go so the CHT can watch you knit. I have hand issues, too. I wouldn’t be able to knit without my splints!