Arm hole pick-up stitches

I have knit a size 2 little girls’ dress, which is done in the round, with the front and back separate long enough to form the armholes then re-joined to continue in the round. The final instructions say to pick up 48 stitches around the armhole and knit 4 rows of ribbing to finish off. I can’t manage to pick up stitches on that little tiny circle. Is there a secret I don’t know about yet?

If I were to knit it again, I may do those armhole ribbing finishes before re-joining in the round, but it’s too late on this dress. Here’s the address for the pattern:

Have you tried a Magic Loop technique? That’s how I knit all my DGD’s little sweater sleeves. Picking up is no problem. If I’m understanding you correctly, a set of DPN’s should work well, also.

I’m kind of scared to try magic loop.

I love working sleeves with two circs, myself. Or you can go with dpns if you must.

Scared of ML? Why? It’s easier than circs. You could practice it with some other yarn and get used to it first. The worst you can do is mess up and have to redo it, but that’s how ALL of us learn new techniques.

haha, I should be more specific. Scared to try it on a FO. When you’ve picked up stitches they become a little loose, so I don’t want to fail and have a bunch ol loose loops on my arm hole to try and rescue. I will indeed try ML in some other setting.

Well you could pick up the sts with a crochet hook and put them on your circ, or use a smaller size to pick up, or when knit the sts on the next row, go through the back loop to twist them which tightens them up.