Arizona anyone?

Anyone fron Arizona?? Would love to talk to you!

I was born in Phoenix, but my hubby is in the Navy so right now we are in Washington.
I miss it there so much.
What part of AZ are you from?

I am in AZ part time now…hopefully full time sooner rather than later…Carefree area.

Down in Southeastern AZ…

Amy in AZ

I’m in Tucson/Marana Arizona. I’m still a beginner knitter and I’m soooo adicted to it right now!
~ Lisa

I’m from ND of course, but have been to the Phx area many times since my mom and other rellies live there. Mom actually lives in Carefree~:cheering:

I’m on the west side of Phoenix – a native actually that roamed the Earth for awhile and is now back, at least for the moment :slight_smile:

Cool… I am so happy to see that people actully answered my post. I live in Flagstaff but I was born in Phoenix. I used to live in Phoenix for awhile when my parents were getting divorced…yeah that was an interesting time. Anyway Flagstaff is small compared to Phoenix. We used to have a yarn shop here in town called unravel but now Flagstaff just has joann’s, michaels, and wallmart. It is sad because when I want something like sock or lace yarn I have to either go to phoenix or order it online. Anyway how is everyone? I do have a website if anyone is intersted I will give you the address…let me know what you think… Here it is :
Yes I am left handed and yes I can knit (obviously) but I just made my own knitting I guess you could say… I work totally left handed… anyway I better go…upset baby.

I am going to be visiting everyone back home to Phoenix while my husband is doing some training in TX before we transfer to Japan. Are there any good LYS in the Phoenix/Tempe area?

Cool! Maybe we can get together sometime on one of your visits. Right now we’re just out there for holidays mainly, but maybe full time in 08…keeping my fingers crossed!

I am in El Mirage and looking to find a knitting/crochet group in my area…anyone know of anything around here?