I learned a costly lesson today (costly in time not money)
I boiled an acrylic hat hoping to shrink it a bit- then I threw it in the dryer. It is now one stretched out mess! I wish I had known that would happen- I’ve been working on this project every spare minute for a week. I guess I tear it out and start over!

From the title of your thread, I thought it was “talk like a pirate week,” but no, it’s about a very very frustrating experience! So sorry to hear that your hat went the wrong direction! Yeah, acrylic just doesn’t shrink like wool does. Of course, if you’d done that to wool, your hat might fit Barbie, but it wouldn’t fit any person alive! Bright side (if there is one): Maybe you can at least reuse the yarn.

Sigh! That’s certainly a painful way to figure something out. I feel for you.

I machine wash and dry all my acrylic hats. They come out great. Acrylic won’t shrink, though the stitches might tighten up. What yarn did you use?

A valuable lesson even if costly. I think we’ve all done something similar: tried to dye a sweater that wouldn’t take the color, felted a beloved fair isle sweater… and those are just some of the things I’ve done! Consider it part of learning the craft, cast on something new and knit on.

Ouch. :hair:
So sorry. Not fun when you lose a lot of work. There is painful truth in the saying ‘live and learn’ and 'If at first you don’t succeed, try, try, again!'
BTW, thank you for telling me this because I am knitting a massive project out of 100% acrylic right now. The last thing I want is that to happen to me.

at least it didn’t melt or burn and you can still reuse the yarn.

this is why you’ll hear everybody say take the time to do the gauge swatch. it seems like such a pain but will save you in the longrun. Coming from somebody who has frogged more projects than I care to admit to :wink: