Argyle sweater vest pattern?

I have had a request from a friend to make her an argyle sweater vest. I have tried looking on line for patterns and I don’t think I am googling right…I am getting finished, store bought argyle sweaters and not patterns (even though I specify patterns)

Does anyone know where some pattern might be online? Or should I hit the books at my local store?


If you put your search such as “argyle knitting patterns” into Google WITH the quotation marks it searches for all the terms rather than each one separately. I didn’t see much either, but there are apparently some books.

I did find this;

There’s Eunny Jang’s pattern available for purchase:

Or you can start smaller to get the hang of the whole thing: :lol:.



I actually like the uniqueness of both vest patterns…I wonder if my friend might like it. Although it looks like I am still going to have to bring her to the yarn store with me.

Dang it…there was a relatively recent one in one of the newer mags, Knitscene or knit1 or something like that, and I’ve spent the past 2 hours looking for it. But. I. Can’t. Find. It. It’s driving me nuts! Does this pattern sound familiar to anyone or am I really losing it?

:think:Stupid newbie question…What exactly IS argyle? I thought it was a type of yarn is that it?

It’s a pattern…You have two main coordinating colors, that make up diamonds. So color A will form a row with their left/right points touching, and their top/bottom points touching to form a color–color B will be all the points in between.

There’s usually at least one, sometimes two, thin lines in another Color C that cuts through the A & B colors to form new diamonds. If you do a Google Images search for argyle you’ll see it and recognize it. :hug:

It’s very impressive. I can’t wait to try that!