Argyle resources

are there any online things on different argyle patterns, kinda like, this one is a 22-stitch repeat, blah blah blah, so you can incorporate it in whatever you want?

thanks bunches!

I was looking at the new patterns on KPC today and seen this…

has a chart for 18sts [size=1]I think is what it said[/size] that you could prolly use on other things… or maybe get an idea… :shrug: hope it helps…

Most of these are sock patterns, but I figure that SOMETHING in here will help you out! :teehee:
(scroll down)

thanks so much! those charts are PERFECT! I just got me some knitting graph paper today thanks to a local knitster, so i’m totally going to figure it out with those links! thanks bunches!!! :smiley: