Argyle & reading charts

Ok, here’s the deal. I know that a friend of mine would really love a pair of argyle wrist warmers, (see pattern:, however, I have never attempted anything like this before. I’ve made wrist warmers and I’ve made color stipes…but nothing as complicated as argyle.

I also have no clue what to do with knitting charts. It seems as though it should be easy but I figured that I’d ask for advice from people that might have more experience. Should I not bother trying to tackle this for Christmas this year? Are there any tutorials or other resources that anyone might suggest?


I think you should give it a try. You could use some leftover yarn to work a few rows of the chart if you want, just to see what it’s like but like lots of knitting, it looks more complicated than it is. There’s a video on the KH site for stranded knitting that will help with carrying yarn across the back of sts until it’s needed. It looks like a fun project and a great gift.

Thanks for the advice! I took a closer look at the knitting chart and I think that it’s exactly like you said:

New knitting techniques always intimidate me at first but I think I can do this! :slight_smile: