Argyle Disaster


i’ve started working on a male vest, and I’m putting an argyle pattern on the front. I was wondering if I am changing the color of the yarns correctly the back looks a horrible mess.

How will this operate when my boyfriend wears the vest???

Here are some pics to show you what i mean. . .



is there any way i can make this look better? I’m done with the argyle now, and ive started cutting strings and tying them because my the patterns started buckling in the front. … <_< :frowning:

M@rie :knitting:

Yeah-- you needed to do something called stranding or carrying. What you do, is every 3 stitches, wrap the working yarn around the main color, so that it’s kind of hooked along, and you get tiny, mini loops, as opposed to those long threads you’ve got now. You can probably make it come out all right for this one, by doing your cutting/knotting/tying thing. Or if you want to be really obsessive/compulsive about it, you can frog back to before you begin the argyle and do that over again. The good news is that it’s coming out really nicely!

Oh!!! hrmmm thanks ill definitley use that information :slight_smile:

I recommend you check out the advanced videos, there are tons of good ones here. I’m sure there’s one on carrying the yarn. Basically I think what you might want to do is frog back to where the white begins and do each one with a separate ball of yarn (you wind the same yarn into separate little balls) and that’s how you keep from having all those long strands in the back, which, BTW, will catch on buttons and such when he wears it.

Good luck and don’t forget to post it as an FO (finished object) in the “whatcha knitting” forum when you’re done! :wink:

whats frogging??

and thanks for the other info:)

I remember having to ask that question…and learning here. “Frogging” means ripping out rows, it sounds like “rip it” which sounds like a frog :wink:

If you take one stitch off at a time, it’s called “tinking” because “tink” is “knit” spelled backwards.

Check out the vid for [B]Intarsia[/B]. You should’ve worked each diamond as a separate block of color.

ETA: a couple of articles on intarsia:


yeah, i think so too ~EEEEE~