Argyle coffee cup cozy

Hello everyone.

I’d like to try my hand at knitting a coffee cup cozy, somewhat like this

but in a gray/black argyle pattern, somewhat like this

This will be my first time knitting in colours like this, and that said I don’t know how to knit socks so one of my questions is, could I do the ‘tube part’ of the sock pattern to make a coffee cozy? And if so, from where to where?

I know how to knit in a round but considering this will be my first real attempt at knitting with multiple colours, should I consider knitting a flat piece and then stitching it together?

Thank you in advance for any advice and suggestions.

Argyle usually is knit flat, but I guess you could do it fair isle/stranded since it’s a small project and goes all the way around. You could do part of the sock tube to make a cup cozy, but you’ll need to make sure it fits. Most cups may not be as big as ankles. :??

Plus to consider - that cozy is knit in ribbing, k1, p1 - so it will be stretchy enough to fit several sizes cups. I’m not sure how argyle will work in ribbing…

Very true. Many of them are ribbed for that very reason. :think:

Thanks for the input!

The stretching/size issues are really good points. I’m glad to have access to your expertise!

That may explain why the argyle pattern here is felted but the ones with ribbing or cables are not?

With felting you can shrink it down to the size you need. If it’s lightly felted it will still have some stretch as she showed with the other fair isle holder, but strong felted items don’t really stretch.