i hate picking up stitches!

:evil: :wall: :wall:

ok had to tell ya’ll that… :smiley:

How are you doing it? I didn’t mind it once I discovered the ancient wisdom… :lol:

LOL please share the ancient wisdom - I picked up last night on my first ever sock and found it hard. Had to keep doing it. Followed Silvers instructions but I couldn’t quite see the elongated V’s of the slipped stitches =P

I’ve not seen Silver’s instructions – can you point me to those?

i don’t know i’m just trying to do it alona bound off edge like the pattern said. but the stitches are so tight its hard! :frowning:

I was going to say exactly the same thing…once I figured it out I actually like picking up stitches. You should have seen the first time I tried it, I had NO IDEA what I was doing, hadn’t seen illustrations or videos or anything, and I was just willy nilly sticking my needle through here and there. It was frightening. :shock:

Sometimes it’s easier to use a crochet hook to pull the new stitches through the existing stitches (because I, like you, often find it very tight) and then from there put them onto the knitting needle.

You need to be inside the bound off edge, not along the edge stitches themselves. How are you holding your yarn?

i’m not holding the yarn yet. but i see what you’re saying. i’ll try that.

WOW that was so much easier!!! :shock: :shock:

thanks ladies! :thumbsup:

My most unfavorite thing to do in knitting. Yuck. I’d like to know the ancient wisdom too, please. samm

I don’t care for this either… for one my bo edges are usually so tight I’m told I make very ugly faces while trying to PU the sts… now on the Enterlac scarf its easier cause I didn’t bo any of the sts LOL

When I’m having a problem picking up stitches, I will use a crochet hook to pick up the stitch and then place it on my needle. I find it much easier than trying to get the tip of the needle to act like a hook!