So much spam = :hair: :doh: :zombie:

Thank you and the other mods who get rid it.

yes, thank you!

Double Argh! Thank you all very much for [I]your[/I] help.
I wonder if the spammers would be interested in knitting classes?



Does us reporting spam help, really?

Yes, because the report goes to our email which we can get anywhere. I’ve deleted spam on my phone many times even sometimes when I’m at social knitting group or dinner. :teehee:

Yes, reporting helps, especially for those sneaky posts in active threads.

Good. I just reported another. Spammers should really take a nice long break and learn to :knitting: !!! or crochet or just be nice people at least.

now i feel guilty, reporting every single spam by each spammer that i see… imagining jan, and others, trying to take a forkful of dinner, only to be interrupted by email pinging every 75 seconds…

It’s the pinging sound we love (and hate) to hear.

I always say they should use their powers for good!

:teehee: Don’t worry about it. I will say though that you don’t need to report the same guy more than once most of the time. They often post multiple times under the same IP address. At any rate as soon as I get the first report I come into the forum to see what’s going on so I can get ones not reported.

OK, now I will know stopping at one report is cool and stick with that. Thanks for letting us know. You should be able to at least get your coffee refilled before it pings again. :wink:

Spammers should have to wear some of those atrocious knit and crochet items we see sometimes.


[B]I really appreciate our spam informants[/B]! :thumbsup: It’s very thoughtful of you to take the time to alert us that Trash had been dumped in our yard!

Like Jan, my phone alerts me to every Spam Report you tag! I always click the link. If another Moderator has snagged it, I see that. If not, then I squash it.

Usually only takes 5 seconds to do so: Click the email. Click the report link. Click the spammer’s name. In the drop down box, click the ban and clean button. Voila! Gone!

Unfortunately, there are 1 million spammers, just waiting to dump their particular brand of trash in our yard, too! :wall: I squashed a porn spammer this morning. Those are the icky ones. :pout: