My truck broke down on me earlier this week and I’ve been sitting in a hotel ever since. Today I learned that it won’t be ready until Monday at the earliest.

The boss was going to rent me a car so I could just drive home but ran into problems with the rental car companies. Seems they won’t rent one unless the name on the driver’s license and the name on the credit card match. The company credit card naturally has the company name on it so they won’t rent me a car. Argh! How stupid is that?

So now I’m stuck in this hotel all weekend and possibly longer. I’m glad I have my knitting with me. I may have to check around and see if there is a LYS around here and take a cab this weekend to check it out if there is.

Well, settle in and knit to your heart’s content - hope you are at least someplace pleasant!!

Mason, I’m sorry to hear you’re stuck! Hope you find a lovely LYS and get lots of knitting done!

I’m telling ya, it is bad karma from that tie…:teehee:

Sorry you’re stuck in a crummy hotel. Hope you can find something interesting to do. Good luck with your truck getting fixed and on the road again!

Oh, that stinks. Buy lots of yarn and make the company pay you back. After all, you wouldn’t of had to buy it if the truck hadn’t broke down. :wink:

Well that stinks! At least you ahve something to do :stuck_out_tongue:

If the hotel has a free breakfast, enjoy that.
If there are things to see, within walking distance, do that.



Hey, you’ve got your laptop and your knitting. What more can one ask!! Relax and enjoy.

And I’m sure you could find some Jack Daniels around there somewhere… you said it cures anything! :slight_smile:

Not IF you are in areas of Dallas County. Drier than a bone. I hope Mason you took a jug in your rig.


But at least you’re able to knit (my sanity saver) and hop on the 'net.

Hope you get some wheels soon!



Mason, I’m begining to think if you didn’t have bad luck you wouldn’t have any! I’m wishing you a weekend that isn’t to bad. Hope you can enjoy your knitting, and relax. I know that it is tuff to be stuck so soon after you’ve been sick… but hang in there.

Hope you find something exciting to do within short distance.

Sending you a big bear hug!

:hug: I’m sorry your stuck…glad to read that you still have your knitting!! :yay:

May the Yarn be with you

oh crap. being stuck sucks. but now you can hang out here ALLLLLLLLL DAAAAAYYYYY.

I’m in luck, there’s a LYS 8.5 miles from here. I’ll be visiting it tomorrow. :mrgreen:

Glad you found an LYS! Not sure where you are, but I hope you enjoy your quiet weekend anyway! :yay:

:hug: Sorry to hear your stuck. Happy Knitting to you though :slight_smile: