ARGH! So frustrated! Toe-up Jaywalkers

I’m making a pair of toe-up Jaywalkers following these instructions.

Now I’m pretty new to sock knitting and I think this is the first pair I made with a gusset, so I have no idea where to start the gusset. She says that she wears a 7.5 and starts the gusset at 4.5-5 inches. I wear an 8 (my feet are 9 inches long) so I thought starting the gusset at 5.25 would be good. Now I have 1 inch to go on the heel turn and these socks are already 10 inches long! If I kept on knitting, they would be a full 2 inches too long! Now I have to rip more than half of what I’ve done so far… ARGH!!!

Of course, NOW that I screwed up, I realized that there was a way to calculate how many rows it would take to complete the gusset and heel turn and so to figure out when to start the gusset increases… Oh well, live and learn, I guess!

Thank you for listening, I’m sure some of you will have BTDT!


You’re the one courageous enough to even ATTEMPT toe-up socks, so bravo for you to begin with. :cheering: :cheering: :cheering:

Chalk the first one up to “practice,” kidd-o. It’ll be alright!

Grape ape pictures

With toe up socks, if they are on a circular, I try them on and when the sock touches my ankle or where the top of the foot and leg meet, I start my gusset shaping.

Or you could measure from the tip of your toes to that spot (where the leg and foot connect but remember to minus approx 20% for stretch and fit of the sock.


Don’t give up, once you get the hang of it, you won’t want to knit your socks any other way.

[color=green]This post’s Swedish word/phrase: “Jaywlakers är fina” = “Jaywalkers look nice”

Sorry you’ve had to frog part sof your Jaywalkers. :pout:

What Emeraldcutie says in the post before mine is a great way to determine where to start working the heel on toe up socks that have short row heels (and many toe up socks have)… But with a gusset, like on the Jaywalkers, you’d have to start working on the gusset way earlier.

Good luck on your next attempt! :cheering:

I’ve done a few toe-up socks on the same generic pattern and it suggests to try your sock on and start the gusset when it comes to about 3 inches from your heel. So on my 9-inch foot I start the gusset about 6 to 7 inches depending on how tight I want the sock and it seems to be working well for me.

Good luck! Toe up Jaywalkers are next on my hitlist.

Thanks all for your input! I’m trying to figure out how to salvage my socks. The problem is, I’m not experienced enough to know what I’m doing… What happens if I don’t do any gusset increases? Right now, I frogged back to the beginning of the gusset increases. Theoretically, if I start the heel extension now, it should end right at the end of my heel. But I don’t know what would be the consequences of no gusset… :pout:

OH! I read the title of your thread and I thought you were talking about some scruffy people who crossed the street outside the cross walk!



Try it and see what happens. Sometimes this is the best way to really understand the construction of a project.

What’s the worst that can happen?? (rip-it, rip-it) :teehee:

Sorry for all of the frustration. :hug:


Hi, I’m the Natalia that wrote the toe-up modification of the Jaywalkers.

I grabbed a picture of my completed socks, and made some notes of what each of the pieces measure. (Excuse the slightly distorted perspective in the picture)

Hi Natalia,

thanks for the details! The differences I see are:

  1. I started the gusset increases at 5.25 inches, since you said that you started at 4.5-5" for your 7.5 foot. I assumed that 7.5 was referring to your foot measurement, but now I’m thinking that you must have meant shoe size.
  2. With my gauge (12 rows/in), the heel extension (30 rows needed to go from 38 to 8 stitches) would take 2.5 inches rather than 1 inch.

However, you have 42 increase rows whereas I had only 32.

I’m slowly figuring out how to modify the instructions to fit my foot. Part of the problem, like I said, is that I’m so new at this that I don’t have a good idea of the construction of a sock…


Yup, size 7.5 shoes, my feet are about 9 inches long.

My heel extension itself is a little longer than an inch, because it goes about an inch on the bottom of my foot, then curves up another half inch or a little more up the back of my heel. You can see in the picture how the extension kind of “cups” the heel.

I’m glad I could help explain! I’m not much of a pattern writer, so I know my explanations aren’t great.

Ah, now I get it! I thought the heel extension had to stop at the corner of the heel.

You know, if it weren’t for your instructions, I wouldn’t have started Jaywalkers at all because I dread grafting… And in the process of trying to understand what I did wrong, I learned a great deal about sock construction! So thanks! :muah:

I’m so glad I could help!