Argh... so frustrated! My scarf is not finished forever!

I started this scarf in mostly stockinette a long time ago and now I’ve got it halfway done. But… the longer it gets the worse it curls! :frowning: Now it’s curling up like MAD! :-x I didn’t know about the curling curse of stockinette when I started this scarf (which is my own fault for being careless :frowning: ), and so I just knitted on and on until I finally couldn’t stand the curling anymore. I’ve checked the sticky thread about stockinette today and I don’t think blocking would work permanently on my acrylic yarn :pout: , the other ways however, either needed to be planned ahead of time or didn’t work. I’m blocking the scarf right now, although I don’t think it’s gonna work… :crying: I now decided that I’m not gonna finish the scarf anymore (unless the blocking worked), and I’m gonna re-make one using a stitch pattern that would not curl… :verysad: How foolish I was to knit the scarf in stockinette! :wall: I feel so stupid! :doh:

Sorry about this but I just needed to vent a little :verysad:

Oh, I’m so sorry to hear your scarf isn’t working out the way you’d like.

Really, it happens to all of us, even some very experienced knitters try new things and they don’t always turn out as planned.

I’ve been knitting for a few years and I am just realizing that frogging isn’t failure but an opportunity to try something else.

I started a sweater for my dd and was way more than halfway done with it when I realized that there was a problem and it wasn’t coming out right. Even then I kept on going until finally, out of sheer frustration, just frogged the whole thing and started with another pattern.

The new project is going so much better that the first and I am encouraged to frog yet another project of mine that isn’t what I’d like and start something else with the yarn.

Repeat after me:

Frogging is not Failure, it’s the experience you gain and the opportunity to do better.

Does that help?

I hope so!



Why not add a lovely edging? That will stop it from curling!

Thanks zkimom! :hug: I feel much better now about the frog :teehee:
Yeah, hopefully I would be more happy when I finished something that I really am satisfied with. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the advice Chel, but I’m afraid that the edging would just bend inwards(like a tube!) with the edge of the scarf. :shrug: Thanks for your concern though! :hug: I really appreciated that.

If you frog the lot… remember you are really just giving yourself more wool! Like when you buy at the LYS but not actually spending a dime!

For when you block… some people say don’t steam-block acrylics because they die, collapse, go irreversibly limp and floppy. Other people say that it’s not floppy, just nicely relaxed and soft.
My impression is that harsh steam-blocking will take away any and all propensity to curl, but it will provide this limpness that some people strive for and others hate. It might be worth doing this to a swatch to see how you feel.


single or double crocheting an edge might help- I single crocheted an edge on a camisole that is all stockinette and curled like a B***h. it really helped. (I still have to attach the straps though… ) I steamed ironed the camisole, then crocheted the edge, then steame ironed again.