Argh...Pattern help please!

Hi all!

I’m a new knitter–I started about a month ago, and the pattern I’m working calls for some rows to knit into the front and back of the last stich, and some to knit into the back and front of the last stitch.

What effect does this change have on the pattern? I’ve majorly screwed up somewhere, and I think this might be it. (I finally figured out that I was reading row 6 wrong)

Knitting into the front and back of a stitch is an increase. It makes the piece wider. Check in the Abbreviations section and look at the video for kfb. It’s not difficult.

Welcome, by the way!

Is there a difference between knitting into the “front and back” versus the “back and front” of a stitch? My pattern calls for both!

It does? I’ve never seen a pattern that says knit into `back and front’. I think. The difference is that back and front would maybe twist the stitches.