ARGH! I'm going to strangle my cat!

My cat is driving me bonkers! She loves to chew on plastic bags (like ziploc ones, not the grocery bag type), and has recently started chewing on my YARN too! :hair:

Does anyone else’s cat do this? She doesn’t really play with the yarn. She just chews right through it. I’m not sure if she’s eating it or what. It’s driving me crazy!!!

Our young cat does that, too. I make sure it’s either up high or in my zippered bag if I’m not around. If she bothers me when I’m knitting I just push her away. Eventually they get the hint and move on. :teehee:

Try a Yarntainer. Here’s the website!

Maybe you can find it a little mask something like this:

SCARY!!! I don’t think it would work, but you never know.

Mason, you crack me up! I’m sure that would work for a while, but since the cat is in cahoots with the dog, I have no doubt that she would be free of her yarn protecting (if mildly creepy) confines within the hour.

Both of our cats love to chew on plastic, any type of plastic. All of the patterns I have in those plastic binder page things have teeth holes in them.

Yeah, I have lots and lots of things with bite marks in them also. I wish there was something I could do to make her stop!

our cat goes after plastic bags sometimes. I asked the vet why, and he said sometimes it is because they are lacking something in the diet. I’m not sure if I buy that, but I give her petromalt (an anti- hairball goo, with some vitamins in it) anyways when she starts it. and it works.

[COLOR=“Red”][B]What do you guys think about the Yarntainer?[/B]

We have a cat that LOVES thread! We’ve had to take him to the Vet twice to have it removed from around his tongue. Be careful, it can cause them great harm. I just have to keep all threads and yarns away from him, including not leaving thread on the sewing machine or in the bobbin.

There is a chemical used in the production of plastic that cats are sometimes attracted to, and other times, actually crave. I used to know the exact chemical but I can no longer remember what it is.

Unless the bag gets stuck over your cat’s head or h/she tries to swallow the bag, that chemical won’t hurt the cat.

One of my 6 cats becomes very excited when we bring home groceries because to her, it’s like Christmas morning! She will pace up and down on the counter waiting for us to give her a bag. We allow her to sit on the counter and lick the bags to her heart’s content under our supervision. She doesn’t however, bite it.

When we’ve determined she’s had enough (or we’re annoyed enough listening to it) we lock the bags away.

I think they are neat, but I don’t think I’d use one. And I also don’t think it would with my cat at least…she likes to chew the working yarn as it comes from my work. :doh::teehee:

:passedout: Mason… I have to flip the tv with my eyes shut this month and then I come here and see that… :teehee:

My cats do the same thing… well the kitten is worse cause she loves to attack a ball of yarn…I usually just keep pushing her off the chair/bed… I have used a squirt bottle too… I’ve used the containers before and some reason didn’t care for them…my mom loves them though… and yeah when I did use it…Bella would just catch it coming out of the top…it made a new game for her…:teehee:


Yup, that’s what my cat does too. I’ve had so many projects with unnecessary joins because she thought there was a need for one. I think I need to get a bigger apartment so I can keep my yarn in one dedicated place, away from the animals.

Anyone want to donate to the get-Meghann-a-bigger-apartment fund?

my cats do this from time to time, and what has helped (believe it or not) is that cat grass you can buy from Wally world.
maybe your kitty is mad at something your yarn did…LOL who knows, cats are strange…I know mine are!

My boy used to do that. He LOVED licking plastic. It’s about the creepiest sound in the world to wake up to. We have one now who loves chewing on plastic. We have to put the plastic bags where she can’t get them. If we don’t, they end up with little holes, or sometimes, little chunks missing!

Mason, you are too funny!!:roflhard:

OK, this freaked me out when I first read it, cuz I thought your were talking about an actual “boy” – person… But I call my male cat, “big boy”… so I can relate… just that first read kinda thing.:roflhard:

Hmm. I never would’ve thought of it that way! The nutrition angle, I mean.

Anyone with cats, I’d like to recommend the Chicken Soup for the Cat Lover’s Soul brand FOOD. They made wet and dry versions, in kitten, adult cat and senior formulas. Some of the ingredients include turkey, chicken, duck, sweet potatoes, barley, cranberries, blueberries, kale. My cat eats better than me!

You can’t get it at grocery stores, but if you go to their corporate website (google it) they have a storefinder. Around me a 6lb bag is about 9 bucks, BUT since there’s so much less filler cat eats less (and poops less) and that one bag lasts about a month or two.

MOVING ON to cats and yarn!

I put mine in 2.5 gallon sized zip lock bags (by the project) and keep the bags inside cardboard boxes. That’s been enough for me to keep my buddy out. Maybe try a scat mat? It’s normally for counter tops or furniture, but I don’t see why you couldn’t just put the mat over your stash. I think bitter sprays might mess with the fabric.

Or you could just make sure your yarns stay behind closed doors (closets, cupboards and the like).

Jan, I got an image of you pushing your cat and laughed out loud… I do the same to my cat and yea, he’s gotten the idea. Lately as he comes over to sit on my lap he’ll give a little mew-mew chirp, almost like “everything clear mom?” I tell him “noooooo” and he turns around and walks away. Not scared like I’m gonna hit him or something, but he just goes away and comes back in an hour or so. What a good boy!