Argh! I ordered the wrong ones!

My puppy got her little puppy teeth on a sock I was knitting and destroyed my Clover size 2 DPN’s. I placed an order with KnitPicks and when I was just looking at my order status I realized I ordered the wrong ones. I ordered size 3’s instead. I’m such an idiot! :grrr: And the order has already been shipped.

You can just work tightly, and it won’t make a significant difference.

See if you can refuse the order or send it back unopened. Then order the right size.


Or, you can order the right size and keep the #3’s. You can use them for something or other.

Spoken like a true enabler! :teehee:


I already have 2 sets of size 3’s. :teehee:

You can never have too many sets of needles!