Argh, frog frog frog

So I had almost finished one half of the ‘I Do’ shrug in seasilk, it was beautiful, I thought I’d have it finished before the end of January… but no. I tried on the arm, and it hung off me about three inches below my arm…

So I actually measured myself (Shhhh, I know I should have done it first) and, while I had simply assumed I would be the biggest size out of S, M, L, and XL, it turns out I’m actually medium with short arms. Hmmm… So I’ve just finished balling the whole thing up again and am going to have to start again.

I think it’s one of those things for bigger girls - when most patterns only go up to a certain size, you start to assume that you’re going to be the biggest one, if you’re lucky, and then don’t really want to measure yourself so you don’t feel crap about it. But then this happens…

It’s a good reason to have to frog, though, but oh god, the work I’ve still got to do…
Fi xxx

Well, let’s see if I can wax philosophical for you.

Frogging is actually a ZEN experience. Where else in life can you actually “undo” mistakes by simply pulling on a piece of thread. If only all lifes mistakes were simple to correct.

AND, all the pleasure you derived from knitting that yarn the FIRST time can be repeated :angelgrin:

I love the philosophical perspective, and I see it: we really knit to knit I think more so than for the finished object, so you get to knit some more…

Thanks everyone - it is the knitting I enjoy, much as I look forward to the finished project. This has also inspired me to get off my behind and order a set of 16" circs for some projects I want to do, and I am looking forward to my delivery :slight_smile:

I think I was frustrated because I was looking forward to finishing something before the end of January and then thinking I was maybe a fast knitter after all :wink:

Oh well, a nice set of yummy things are on their way and I’m looking foward to starting again and getting something that fits :slight_smile:

oh poor you, it is just so annoying,

Bummer. :hug:

Plus the satisfaction of being a medium instead of an XL.

Oh Willowangel, I know your frustration! :hug:

This is just so cool, Ginny! Much appreciated, too! Mary

I know - that’s the bit I love :slight_smile:

That was good, made me smile and laugh!:yay:


It’s very true - I like the simplicity of it. When I was younger I used to do complex maths when I was stressed because it had a process and a solution - there were set rules to apply, something the situations in my life didn’t really benefit from…

Oh, I’m so sorry about that! It sounded really pretty! What a disappointment! :frog:

I agree with GinnyG! Frogging IS a ZEN experience. If you could just fix mistakes by slipping stitches off a needle and pulling out a piece of thread, life would be all simplicity. :heart: