Argh, Dropping stitches!

I am knitting a baby afghan with 2 strands of yarn.

I just got my brand new addi’s in 15; the same exact size I was using on my bamboo’s. I have dropped MORE stitches in the past week than I have since started knitting.

Is it me? or am I being dellusional that moving to the addi’s is making it worse??

UGH… I will NEVER get this blanket done before Memorial day!!


Lexie, I found that when I 1st started on addi’s that I did the same thing. I think it may be that it takes a bit of time to get used to the addi finish. I wish u lots of luck on your afghan…I have complete faith that you will finish on time :wink: If not, u can always let the recipient know that u r working on it :wink:

:rollseyes: Its not you, those Addi’s are slippery little suckers.It take a couple hrs to get used to them. :thumbsup: Amy