Argh, can't... knit.... help!

Hey there - I’m having a slight problem with the edging for my cardi - I’m doing a ruffle and have to knit in front and back of each stitch, then yarn over - but I’ve found that the stitches end up so tight I then can’t knit them - I had to spend 20 minutes putting them onto different sized needles before I could knit them… am I doing something wrong?

Fi xx

Are they tight before you increase or are the increased stitches tight? If it’s the latter, make sure you’re making the new stitches by wrapping the yarn fully around the needle and not just the tapered tip which would result in a smaller stitch.

Ahh, thanks - think that must be it - cause I have to pull it tight to get it through the tight stitch of knitting in front and back, and I forgot to let it go loose again, so it must have been making the stitches too tight.

Will try again with the next bit - got a lot of trimming to do, so hopefully will figure it out :wink: