Argh! ANOTHER sleeve seaming question

Hey everyone. I have anot question about sleeve seams… I practice doing mattress stitch, and, I’m pretty good at it! lol At least, I can do it well on some swatches. The problem I’m having with doing it on the actual sleeve, is that I have all kinds of increases going up the sides of the sleeves. So where I’m seaming for a while ends up not being where I seam after an increase. How do I figure out exactly what to do?

Okay, I think I’m getting it. I’m going to post what I’m doing just to double check that it’s right, and also help other people if they have to seam sleeves as well.
I’m doing the mattress stitch, so I’m threading through the little bar between the Vs. So each side is losing one stitch to the seam. When I get to the spot where I increased, I kind of stop and reassess the sitaution. I still want the seam to be one stitch in, so the seam ends up being moved one stitch over. When I keep going this way, the seam is still invisible, and you can see where the increasing is moving. I think it looks really good, so I’m pretty sure I’m doing it correctly.
The increase spots are almost good to have, because you can check at those intervals to make sure the sides are matching up. :thumbsup:

Seaming where you increased is not as simple as seaming the straight side of a sweater. You just have to periodically move out a stitch as you seam it up when you come to the increases.

You beat me to it! :thumbsup:

If your incs are 2-3 sts in from the edge, they don’t impact your actual seaming but, yes, lend a nice visual guide for alignment. If you mark them with knitting pin or similar (toothpick or bobbie pin) you can look ahead as you seam to ensure they’re aligned (horizontally) and adjust your seam sts accordingly.