Argghh... my KP order

My Knit Picks order is at my local post office facility and I still won’t get it till Monday. :cry:

So frustrating. Hang in there 2 more days. It’ll be worth it, I’m sure.

Darn. I hate waiting too. You wonder if they do it on purpose. :wink:
One time when they [B]do[/B] try to get a package to you as fast as possible is when you order chicks. They are so eager to get them out of the post office, they call at four in the morning!! (Maybe is because chicks really do go ‘peep peep’ and when there are one hundred in one little box…)

Woohoo!!:cheering: They did come today!

I just had 2 sets of 40" cables and some needle tips. I needed those cables for my sweater sleeves though! I magic loop and I don’t like doing modified ml.

Glad your order came!

I placed an order there this week, after a week of trying to figure out why BOTH of my business credit cards weren’t working (faded security code on the back of one card, that I was misreading, and entering the wrong code altogether on my Amex). I finally got my order in, and now I am SOOOO restless for it to arrive! :doh:

When I am waiting on an order, I keep looking out the door like where is that dang mailman at. Then when he comes and passes my house I am so tempted to put on my Nike’s and chase that little postal jeep down the block…crazy lady…chasing mail dude down with double pointed needles…I can see the headlines now!!

:cheering: so much fun getting new knitting stuff! :cheering: happy for you! :cheering: