I am trying to make a scarf for my dad with Lion Brand bulky yarn. But it is not working very well. I can not see the stitches hardly at all. The biggest hook I have is a “K”. Any advice would be appreciated.

You might need a larger hook. Homespun works better if you keep a loose tension on the yarn as you work it, and a bigger hook/needle size than listed on the label. A K isn’t too bad, but it would probably do better with an L or M.

Would the yarn you’re uisng happen to be called Homespun? It can be difficult to see the stitches in that yarn. What’s the pattern you’re using? Got a link? If it’s the Homespun yarn and you’re trying to do something fancy with it, that could be a problem.

Yeah, if it’s LB Homespun you may not see the stitches well with any needle or pattern. :shrug:

Ya know, I just assumed it was Homespun because she posted not being able to see the sts, but if it’s the WE or super bulky or another yarn, I still think a larger hook size would work. For Homepun, yep, keep to a simple stitch.

It is homespun. I was just going to chain 21 or so and sc or hdc all the way up.

Can you do the double crochet stitch? Or maybe one row single, one row double? With that size hook, a taller stitch (as in double crochet) might be easier to see. (I’d probably use a larger hook if I were doing single crochet in that yarn.) If you haven’t gotten past the starting chain, I can understand your frustration. Chain really loosely for your starting chain so you can see the stitches. It will still be hard but try to “feel” for them and make sure you count the stitches as you go. On the Homespun in particular, I don’t try to grab both of the top loops of the starting chain. Too impossible. I just grab the one loop that’s closest to my hook. It doesn’t look all that much different. It does get easier after that first row but you might still want to count every other row or so to make sure you don’t lose any stitches. Homespun makes a nice, soft fabric worked up but it can be a ***** to work with. Good luck!

Thank you all sooo much. I am going to try all of your suggestions later today :hug:

What I find easy to do when using Homespun is a stitch like this one because you don’t have to put the hook into a stitch, just into the hole between the stitches. This stitch can also be done with half double or double crochet. It would make a cozy scarf with Homespun!


That looks alot easier, thank you!:slight_smile:

Well after a few hours of trying and frogging, trying and frogging, and trying and frogging. I went to Michaels and got different yarn. It has gone much faster now. Thanks for all your suggestions but the homespun was to much for the newbie :slight_smile:

Don’t feel bad about giving up on the Homespun. I’ve known knitters/crocheters, experienced ones, who have chucked the Homespun as well. Some of them insist that yarn is the spawn of the devil! :teehee: