:hair::gah::waah: it 88 today and i am dying making something out of mohair !!!

my palm is sweaty and the heat is unbearable:passedout:

i feel like thrashing that piece of work that i am working on …

…geeee:whoosh:i feel like jumping in the sea right now… so muggy and hot hot hot !!!

sorry just had to complain

Good heavens child, take a cold shower!

Poor thing. Sounds like a good day to go to the local air-conditioned library and knit. :mrgreen:

Come and visit me in the uk. it has been raining all day.

I got drenched right through to my underwear taking my son to school this morning lol

I bet that would cool you off!

Wow. Just be grateful it hasn’t been as hot as in the Carolinas. It got up to 104-7 this summer. 88 is practically cool lol.

88 pah! I remember knitting when it was 120 with the heat index just a few weeks ago! But I know what you mean. I knit “small projects” during the summer and “big projects” (OK, if you can call a matching hat and scarf big LOL!) in the winter. I also change the kinds of yarn I use. More cottony in the summer and more fluffy wooly in the winter.

Hopefully you will find that “touch of nip in the air” soon!

I totally understand.

I tend to agree with MrsDavis3. Jump in to the shower and cool off.

When it gets too hot, as I don’t live near the ocean, lakes, rivers or streams, I jump into a cool shower.