Aren't Moms the BEST? mmmmalibrigo

Oh my! I’ve been talking about how I want to try Malibrigo after reading all the posts on here about it…today my Mom surprised me with 6 (yes 6!) skeins of Malibrigo in Vaa colorway. She said she was in the local fabric store and saw it, knew how much I wanted to try it - wasn’t sure how much I would need (not a knitter) so just “guessed”. Could anything be nicer???

So…now…what to make with it? I’m thinking a vest or maybe a sweater? Oh! off to look through patterns! Just knew you guys would understand my excitement!!!:woot::woohoo::woot:

Wow! What a fantastic mother you have grin Make sure to tell her we all think she’s great :wink:

And enjoy playing with your mmmmm… I so wish I could, but allergies prevent me cry

Fi xxx

wOw. :noway:
does your mom want to adopt anyone? :teehee:
enjoy your mmmmmmalibrigo! let us know what you decide to do with it.
[SIZE=“1”]yarn porn? :pray:[/SIZE]

Congratulations! Enjoy it for me, as I’m allergic too!! You must have a wonderful mom!

Yeah - she really is the best, and my best friend too. I have my big 5-0 looming next month and I keep catching her making “notes” when I talk about different knitting relating things on my wish list …so I am guessing this birthday may have a theme :roflhard:

Haven’t chosen a pattern yet - but I’ll keep you all posted!

Lady Violet - camera is on the fritz so no yarn porn right now, but hopefully I’ll get it straightened out and be able to post a picture soon. :slight_smile:

wow! I was at a yarn store in Superior, WI and they had malabrigo. It is sooo soft! I only had $7 though so I couldn’t buy a skein.

Oooh, I’ve been reading all about malabrigo too, but I have to actually eyeball it at my lys. Rainberry I’m right there with you! Too broke at the moment, waiting a little bit for cash flow increase! What I’m doing instead is “practicing” my patterns with acrylic. I’ve just recently returned to knitting so wanna make sure I can still ‘do’ it. Oh, and by the way, have you all been to the vogue knitting site recently? They have some free downloadable patterns that are the bomb!

Thanks for that link giedre11 - took a quick look but am off to spend some time there browsing!