Are your cats like this?


Too funny! and so true!

My cat is like that. His name is Jackson, Jack for short… we commonly get “Jack Attacked” here at my house. :slight_smile:

I love that video :slight_smile:
He also posted two more cat videos: one on how he got the cat and one with the cat just being a cat.

He’s a very prolific video-maker. Over 160.

OMG! That kitty looks and acts exactly like my daughter’s kitty!

My cat Lucy (aka “The Goose”) is just like that! She’s always biting us (not really in a mean way) and running around like a nut. She watched that video with me…maybe she learned something!

When I had my little girl, my parents brought up a cute little kitten for my son who was 3…who looked just like that one…it was sooo mean…it got to the point where Isaiah was afraid to walk through the house cause you never knew what direction the cat would attack you from…when my daughter started crawling we had some real issues…she is now living with a couple who has no kids :teehee:

I love that! Kittys are so great. I have 3 and I love 'em all!! :muah:

that was so clever!!! now I’m gonna be mumbling that song to myself all day… my kitty attacks little spots of light like that too- love that laser pointer!

Hysterical! We have two cats and call one “the slut” and one “the stalker”.

I love that video. My cat looks just like that and although she’s calmed down alot we still have to play “hide in the rooms” with her occasionally.:teehee:

:rofl: great find, Rorschach! thanks for posting! :smiley:

my kitty is now known as Big Kitty. the other one, Gabby, is also called Crack Rat.

That is normal behavior for kitten and they do outgrow it, but it takes a while and it would be hard around kids. Glad you found her a good home!:hug:

These were my daughters’ kitties. Angel Baby and Vicious. Angel had to be the meanest kitty on this planet while Vicious was so quiet and tame. They moved into the neighbors house when we found out 3 of the 4 granddaughters we had at the time were allergic. The daughters were upset, but they decided they’d rather have their nieces than the kitties.

Well only one of my 3 cats is really like this, but he tends to change personalities each time we move from house to house. Of the other two, one is extremely skittish, and only comes out if, and only if, my wife and I are the only ones in the room, and it is nighttime. The other kitteh is mostly docile, but she also loves to play with the bed mice.

The story of that kitty is nice (it’s on one of his other videos). He was basically a rescue cat. Some little girl was going around house to house to get rid of him and this guy’s friend took him in and offered him to the video maker.

OMIGOD that was too hilarious. I have two cats. one was given to me by my vet when my first cat was killed. :sad: to cheer me up because i was pretty hysterical. Elena did a great job cheering me up. She put her paw on my face while i was crying and she was a greatest cat ever. she gave me so much affection and love. and then i rescued a kitten. and Elena turned into the MEANEST cat in the world. She beats up poor Lola every day. Lola ears are all torn up. But to be fair. Lola asks for it. She eggs Elena on. she pounces her, bites her and basically acts like an annoying little sister.

My mother-in-law was staying with us for 6 weeks last summer and she brought her new “foundling” kitten. Jack (my cat) didn’t like Patience (the kitten) at first, but after a couple of days they were best buddies! Playing together, napping together, etc. Too bad Patience is now in Virginia with my mother-in-law…

Here is a pic of Jack and Patience curled up together: