Are You Up For a "Dilly"? KHAKI CABLES!

I am going to start the KHAKI CABLES cardigan featured in the Winter 2006 KNITTERS magazine, pg 88.

[COLOR=blue]CLICK HERE[/COLOR] to view a photo of the sweater!

Don’t be freaked out by the $144 next to the photo. I think that includes the pattern and yarn at this particular website. I linked up with the Knitters Magazine [COLOR=blue]HERE[/COLOR] and kept clicking along to find the magazine and a photo of the sweater so I could post it. I was also looking for a corrections page…but never did find one. If you know how to find Knitters Magazine Corrections Page, let me know. Most appreciated. Nice to know ahead of time if the pattern has glitches.

If you have the magazine, OR if you can find it at one of your favorite online yarn/pattern haunts…you can use your own STASH YARN, which is what I am doing…using my STASH YARN! :cheering:

Well, I am leaving on a mountaintop week-long vacation at the crack of dawn tomorrow morning…and will be back on Memorial Day. In the meantime, I will be starting my KHAKI CABLES! I will knit almost all day every day…only taking breaks to cook for DH, sleep, hike around to film and take photos.

I will be in a location here in our Washington State wilderness that is considered “off the grid”…aka no internet access, no electricity, no telephone…nothin’ but great cell phone access…and bear, cougar, deer, moose, eagles, mountain flowers, wind, air, sun, etc. etc.

I will check back later tonight and see if I will have any knitting buddies for this project. It looks easy, well, it IS EASY…just a lot of interesting design…and the pattern is well written. I will enjoy it.

I am using RY mercerized pure white cotton. I need this sweater for an air-conditioned June 22-24 event. Will wear it with a white tank top and denim skirt.

I love the self-yarn I-Cord frog closure! Amy taught me how to make I-cord via her great video clip here at KH. So simple.

After I get back on Memorial Day, I hope I have a KHAKI CABLES knitting buddy (or two or three or four…)

I have been knitting since 1970…and have many knitting accomplishments under my belt…so you will have a knitting buddy you can lean on! However, that said…in the World of Fabulous Knitters and Designers…I consider myself about a ‘kindergartner’.

Have I done a good selling job?!! :teehee: Wanna sign up for a dilly of a sweater?!! I sell art real good…don’t know how good I am on sellin’ someone on the KHAKI CABLES! :teehee:

Well, I am off to do a art show…be back later…I am 5 minutes late.:pout:

I won’t be joining you at this time in making it but I do think it’s a beautiful sweater. Can’t wait to see it when it’s done. Be sure and share photos.:lol:

Art Lady, I’m definitely not ready for Khaki Cables, but I did find the corrections page at the magazine’s website. If you click on the help link on their page it will take you to the corrections, but there were none listed for this project.

Your work is absolutely amazing, so I’ll be checking out your progress!:thumbsup:

I think that’s supposed to be $14, because the other sizes are all less than $100. :teehee:

I love that sweater. But I don’t think I can start it for another week or 2. I need to finish my curent 2 projects. :shrug:

I love the cables. It reminds me of something similar that I saw in macy’s. But i can’t start right now - need to finish the two projects that I am working on currently.

It’s so gorgeous! It’s not at all right for my body type…:thinking: Wonder if I could modify it somehow…

Thanks to all of you for acknowledging my KAL invitation. “Timing is Everything”…and I understand why you can’t get going on KHAKI CABLES right now! Thanks too for the info about the pattern corrections for Knitters Magazine! Glad to know this pattern has no errors!

I didn’t get going on KHAKI CABLES. :pout: The weather was way too windy…and it blows dirt into your knitting. Even my KACHA-KACHA stitch counter is kinda jammed up due to windborn dust! I couldn’t keep my hands clean enough to work on a pure white yarn for KHAKI CABLES.

So I went to [B]PLAN B[/B]…what respectable knitter do you know that doesn’t take a PLAN B project on her/his vacation!!! :thumbsup: I worked on a Crazy-Quilt knitted afghan for a young granddaughter. My plan will require 63-7"x7" squares…and I am using the book 200 Knitted Squares to pick and chose my patterns. I have loads of worsted weight Stash Yarn for the project! So, that said, I got 20 squares done! I’ll wash and block them this coming week. Will save this crazy quilt afghan for our remaining weeks on Nighthawk Summit. Kinda fun to have quick small-sized things to work on! If anyone is interested, I created an Excel Spreadsheet to plot out a grid for the squares. Really helps me ‘visualize and plan’ the color and pattern distribution for the afghan squares.

I will start KHAKI CABLES this week. It should go fast. I am ready for a change of pace.

[B]OT:[/B] Photos below show a view from the hike up to the top of Nighthawk Summit, elevation 4310 ft. Our camp is situated above the treeline. This is why we get the tremendous wind…and oh the thunder and lightening can set in real fast. We came back a day early because T&L was setting in today.

The photos were taken from our ‘driveway’ on May 22…however, on May 25th, I took photos of a mother bear and her cub’s paw prints in the soft soil on this same ground! They were cutting up and across our ‘driveway’ to go down over the mountain. We carry UDAP bear repellant, however, my husband’s two Treeing Walker Coonhounds make so much noise…baying and barking…this actually ‘repels’ the bear and cougar that also reside on Nighthawk Summit from coming into our highpoint camp. Bears don’t like noise. Neither do cougar. We have not had any one-on-one live standoffs with them in the 6 years we have owned this property…but…we see evidence of their presence everywhere. Prints in the soil, tree scratchings, and scat. We decided to install a ‘trail cam’ next month when we go back for another week. We will have ‘faces’ to go with the paw prints! :oo:

Hi HunterJenn!

I think you could alter this pattern width-wise and/or length-wise.

To add length, which I am doing…just knit additional repeats before starting the armhole/armpits shaping.

To add width, just add cable repeats within the row. Try to add repeats evenly such as: if you add two full repeats to the BACK…add one full repeat for the Left Side, and one full repeat for the Right Side.

I have added gussets to the sideseams of a cardigan to add more hip allowance. It looked really great. It gave the cardigan a ‘swing coat’ apprearance…and looked like it was planned that way. To make a gusset, I cast on 20 stitches. I think my sweater was 100 rows to the armpit. I distributed row decreases evenly, so that by the time I got to row 100 my 20 stitches were depleted. I mattress-stitches the gusset edges to the front/back edges. The gusset is nearly invisible! If you would like, I will post a photo shot of the gusset of that particular sweater. Let me know!

Any other pattern-stitch altering…my suggestion is: pick another pattern. There are just too many patterns to chose from to stress yourself over just one pattern. But, I don’t mind altering length, width…‘size’ issues. Be aware that enlarging a cable pattern will significantly increase yarn usage. Cabling really sucks up the yarn!

Thanks for all the tips!

Actually, it wouldn’t be the first time I’d altered a pattern for width and length. :roll: I think the cables are just too bulky for my body type–the sleeves especially. I’ll give it another look, though, to see what I think about just scrapping those cables. It’s so pretty!

Hi Hunterjean!

I see what you mean. Ya know…I recently completed a cardigan called the Dollar and a Half Cardigan. I altered the sleeve patterning to suit my taste. I recollect that now.

I think we could easily make those sleeves all seed stitch, like the area by the side seaming…and just add the simple ropey cable in the middle of the sleeve. Why not?? I am going to give that some thought. My arms are not twigs…ahem…and maybe a simpler sleeve pattern will be more flattering on my arms. Or…maybe just the wider cable…but not in addition to the ropey cables.

I will definitely tinker around with those sleeves. Stay tuned. I’ll post on it. Maybe I should do something I usually never do: knit a sleeve first…then a Left Front…and compare the “look” of them together. If I like the sleeve I will leave it as is…if not…I will frog and re-knit. This is a “lifetime” classic cardigan…and I want it to look and fit “just right”.

Art Lady, can you post a picture of your gusset sweater?

Hi Hilde!

Sure, here are two photos of the gusseted side seams. If you want to see the entire sweater, let me know…I can do that, too.

I assume what you most want to see are those side seams!

The first photo: the gusset seams are so invisible, I laid 3x5 cards down by the seams to point out the seamlines of the gusset.

The 2nd photo shows the [I]Left Front[/I]…from the front…and you can see how the gusset gives the sweater a slight “swing coat” look.

The yarn was Debbie Bliss SOHO, 100% wool, 4 st = 1".

As I said in an earlier Post…I cast on 20 st…worked the seed stitch border to coincide with the Fronts and Back borders…and ever so gradually worked in the decreases on my way up until there was only 1 stitch left when the gusset reached the correct length to the armpit.

I am working on my KHAKI CABLES…and have posted photos of my progess in our WHAT’CHA KNITTING section.

If anyone wants to join me at any time…let me know! I have lots of tips for cabling projects…tips that take the pain out of the process.

BTW: this cardigan is turning out to be super easy. I could recommend it for your first cabled cardigan.

The sides are wide stretches of seed stitch…so that slims down the overall appearance.

Photo of my progress is in the WHAT’CHA KNITTING section.

Hi :waving:

Here is a photo of the BACK of my KHAKI CABLES cardigan. It was two inches from done when I took the photo…but it is completely done now. Finished the BACK before we left on a week’s wilderness trek!

This cardigan has been [B][I]a real GEM[/I][/B] to knit. Very easy to do…and the pattern is well-written and well laid out!

A few sister knitters have taken on the idea of this cardigan after reading about my progress in WHATCHA KNITTING. They are either ordering their magazine, or buying their yarn now.

Anyone else wanna join us? :grphug:

I am done with the BACK and LEFT FRONT. I wish this cardigan was going faster. It is certainly eeezy-peezy! I have had a lot of distractions…vacations…and I couldn’t take KHAKI CABLES with me because I am on a bluff in the Washington State wilderness with DH and 3 of the dogs! “Off the grid” completely.

So, here is the progress. I still invite someone to join me in the journey! By the time we get done, it will be the right weather for a long sleeved cardigan! Mine is going to be worn in air-conditioned buildings, so I NEED IT YESTERDAY! But, alas, twas not to be so.:pout:

The BACK by itself, un-blocked and un-tweaked. Will do all the blocking and tweaking when all 5 pieces are done.

The BACK with the LEFT FRONT sitting on top of it.