Are you trying to get healthy?

Just thought I’d share since I know a lot of people here are trying to lose weight and get healthy.

I started out on Weight Watcher’s online, but have dropped it in favor of Sparkpeople. I wasn’t losing weight so I started keeping track on SP and found I was getting way too many carbs. I’m not a fan of low carb diets, but one does need to keep a balance. I’m eating healthier now and can see all the various nutrients I’m getting.

I’ve also started walking and SP keeps track of your exercise and how many calories you burn while doing so. I’m lousy at math so my daughter showed me this link where you can input your time and distance and it calculates how fast you were walking/running. Then you can put it into SP and it tells you how many calories you burned.

Oh and if you don’t know the distance use Gmaps Pedometer. It’s awesome!

(BTW…I"m not knocking WW, it’s a great program and helped me lose weight in the past. This is just working better for me now and it’s free. :wink: )

Good for you Jan! I just saw a commercial for the vitamin waters too and they were saying things like “I’d have to walk an extra (xxx) steps to burn off that water!?” (I don’t recall which water was less cals though…)It’s amazing how things that seem good for you, or are supposed to be, have those extra calories.

Good luck to you and go with what works for you!

Congrats to you Jan. Carbs can really sneak up on you. I have been on a low carb eating style for nearly two years, and I feel so much better.
And I agree, you really have to watch the ‘so called good for you stuff’, I was buying a fruit and nut bar that I thought was good for me, then I discovered it actually had as much sugar as a candy bar. So, I check labels.
It feels good to feel better, but sometimes it is so hard to get yourself there. Even though you know it will be worth the while.
Happy Knitting

That’s awesome that you’re doing well with Sparklepeople. I’ve never used WW although I have recommended it to many patients and have had many coworkers using WW so I know the points for almost everything I eat. I like WW b/c it teaches people how to eat better. I did try sparkle people recently to try and get the hubby and I back on track (we backed off the gym and gave up our good eating at the same time) and they have a lot to offer if you have the discipline to track everything everyday. Personally, I do a lot of cooking/baking so trying to keep track of my calories in there was hard. They do have some great articles and I like how they use the stages. Best of all it’s free - had to fight for many a patient to get a scholarship to weight watchers. Now if I could find them a free gym membership !

So glad it’s working for you, Jan. I know, I still need to get into the program and may have some spare time to sit down… I keep getting the emails and read them daily so the inspiration is there.

Hubby caved and call Nutrisystem… I think it’s expensive but it’s his money. His first month arrived Wednesday and he’s doing it. I’m a little surprised because there’s alot of pasta dishes that I’ve never been able to get him to eat. I’m following suit by drinking as much water as possible, still haven’t been able to do 64 oz. a day yet but close. I’m following the guide they gave him and eating what he eats, only not paying for it. :thumbsup: Anyway, he’s doing good and after 3 days, doesn’t feel like he’s starving.

We’re weighing each day, no change for me but he has actually gone down a pound!!! Hopefully, by next week this time, I’ll be able to brag a tad! :teehee:

I always say “Do what works for you” when it comes to knitting continental or english and it applies to dieting as well. :wink:

Diets like Nutrisystem, Jenny Craig, etc wouldn’t work for me in the long run because I’m not learning to eat properly with my own skills and habits, but it does seem to work for a lot of people. :wink:

I’m down another pound! Woo!

:woot: Wonderful! Yep, ya gotta learn how to eat properly! I really think that exercise has alot to do with it as well. As we’ve gotten older, we’re not as much on the go and rushing disappears so have to learn to keep active. Tennis, anyone? :teehee:

My one-word response to your topic question was “Perpetually.” It always seems like there’s one more way I can be healthier. Weight-wise, I’m in decent shape - firmly in the acceptable range for BMI. (I’d like to lose a bit, but I’m not at an unhealthy weight.) I workout 3-4 times a week (exercise DVDs!), and I have a goal to increase that a little bit. I’m vegetarian, but still could eat healthier and I’ve been working on that a lot, too.

That gmap pedometer is awesome. You can put in your house and map out a walk routine and it tells you how far. I have used it for about 3 years now.

I am in libo with my weight loss program because of this ostomy business. For now I have to stay away from certain foods that are good for me, several fruits and veggies because of gas and digestion issues in fact and more protein to build up my blood for surgery (dr’s orders) I am trying to stay level until after I have surgery in April then it is kick butt time as soon as I am well enough to get back to walking again. We are going to Vegas again in Sept of 2009 and I want to be way down by then. DH and I do WW and really like it, but I think that a weight loss program no matter what should be one you can live with for the rest of your life and works for you.

Good for you Jan. There is never anything wrong with us taking care of ourselves no matter what the reasons.

I am trying to get healthier, per doctor’s orders. I was recently diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome and it’s basic roots are insulin resistance, although my insulin levels are good. I am doing The Insulin Resistance Diet and exercising 3 times a week. I just started this week, but so far, so good, and I’m really enjoying the exercise. It makes me feel much better! The diet is basically low carb and teaches “linking”. For every carb serving, you eat a protein serving, but you can eat more protein to feel full and the same with vegetables. It’s pretty easy because I can apply these rules if I go to a restaurant!

I’ll have to take a look at Sparklpeople. I currently use It is free, too, and sounds very similar to what you use.
Good luck, Jan and keep losing those pounds!!!

Thanks for the link. I’m going to have to check it out.
I’m currently doing the Self Challenge to get in shape. I’ve been working out HARD and I’m sore as can be! (But it’s a good sore!) I’m not a diet fan. I prefer to watch what I eat and make healthy choices and eat in moderation.

Thank you!

I used FitDay years ago when I first started losing weight and it is very similar so unless something about Sparkpeople grabs you you don’t need to change. :wink: I went to SP this time because my daughter was on it and she has been helping me.

I looked at the Sparkpeople site and it looks great. I like their meal plan set up where you can substitute other foods in the same calorie range, etc if you don’t like something. It is easy to manuever around in too, which looks great. Best of all it is free!

I’m just trying to eat healthier, and drink more water,(about 40oz. a day, NO soft drinks, no artificial sweetners) and exercise regularly.
I’ve noticed a big reduction in my cravings for sweets, since taking brewer’s yeast (powdered form) 2x a day, with coconut oil.
It’s great to have less cravings for sugar!! :woohoo:
Also, other health improvements, too boring to list here. I’m now a big fan of brewer’s yeast and c.oil.

As for eating healthier, I ate a baja gourmet gardenburger, organic beans, 100% carrot juice, celery, and some of that Ezekiel or Genesis bread, the bread you can find in health food stores, today.
The Baja burger was real good. Also am eating more salads, with no, or lowfat dressings, and less sodium.

So, that’s that.

Oh, not to put anyone down for being in Weight Watcher’s, but, I got tired of paying money and not losing weight. I was a lifetime member, too, but gained a lot back. I think everyone is genetically predisposed to LOOK a certain way, and everyone’s “healthy” is different.
I also think, as we age, and the hormones change, the body is going to change shape. My observations. Seems like you can guess a woman’s or man’s age, by the shape of their body.

Photolady, ah, c. oil. I was on that for three weeks after doing a lot of research. But I stopped taking it because it made me hungry. I think because it naturally causes the body to speed up your metobalism, I found myself wanting to eat more.
So, now I am back to my old game plan, just watch the simple carbs.
But it good to know others know about c. oil.

Good luck to everyone on their quest for a healthier body. I am also working on improving my diet, but it’s hard with a hubby who hates brown rice, whole grain pasta and whole wheat breads. I am grateful for my dogs who insist on a walk everyday and that I have enough land to get some decent exercise without leaving home.

Hope your diet goes well! I have gone for a day here and there without food wanting to shrink my stomach and see if my appetite lessens, but just looking in a full length mirror I think is enough for me to want to go on a diet. Thanks a lot for the links! I know there’s many unhealthy diet plans out there, and it’s hard to know which one’s are the healthy ones.

I believe Propel is the low calorie protien water that commertial is advertizing. I’ve never tried it, so I can’t vouch for the taste.

Since this is a healthy eating topic, thought I’d share today’s menu for lunch, and see if anyone else eats like this:

Homemade, from dried peas, split pea soup in a chicken and herb broth, with carrots and potatoes, and some dried lentils.

For a snack: 1 tbl. coconut oil on Genesis bread, 1 tbl. brewer’s yeast mixed in with unsweetened applesauce.

Cranberry juice and water, for drinks, plus coffee from Stone Creek coffee sellers, THE BEST in the U.S. Their whole bean coffees are amazing.

For dinner, probably skinnless chicken breast, raw broccoli and raw cauliflower, and some potatos. Unsweetened iced tea with lemon, too.

And, a nice bicycle ride, and a walk with the dog, and some gardening, for exercise. Already did the gardening.

Oh, and I’m not going to lie, I’ll have dessert. maybe some peanut butter cookies, or a weight watchers cookie dough ice cream dessert thingy.

I don’t get hungry taking it, I get feeling really full and satisfied. It DOES give me more energy, too. I have less cravings for
fatty foods, too, if I take just 2 tbl a day.
I think it was a mistake for the food companies to remove coconut oil from foods. It has only 15 more calories per tablespoon than

margarine is BAD for you, and, the body needs a certain amount of fat, the right kind of fat, made naturally, not in a chemical factory.