Are You Sock Obsessed? I need your help!

i want a new obsession.
i want a new obsession that travels well, i can do it ANY color i want, won’t be a HUGE investment to buy yarn to start the project, and has TONS of patterns available at my fingertips. i want to be able to carry my project with me on planes, in suitcases, and in my purse (new job where i travel, can you tell?).

so tell me all about knitting socks?
i have made 1 complete pair of socks. (there was one other sock that was near completion, but i started knitting sweaters…) i learned how to do magic loop specifically so i could learn how to knit socks, and hopefully knit them at the same time. the first pair of socks i completed were knit toe up, ML, and on the same needles …

so, tell me, sock obsessed peoples (i know you’re out there! :poke: ) i want to join your club…so spill!!!

-what are your favorite sock yarns?
-do you do magic loop or double points?
-do you knit one at a time? or two at a time?
-if two, do you knit them magic loop on the same loop? or two seperate needles?
-what sizes of needles do i need to get started?
-what other gadgets do i need?
-what other advice can you offer?

i’m currently knitting my first sock, but i guess you could say i am obssessed with the whole concept of knitting socks. with all the different yarns out there combined with all the different patterns to choose from, it’s like making little works of art by the dozens (or hundreds :wink:). i’m using silver’s class and only using DPNs because that’s what i’ve got. i would really like to do magic loop, but i’m discovering that i actually like the DPNs. i haven’t really had a problem with ladders (yet). i’m using lion brand magic stripes because that’s all i thought was available to me at the time (have found a WONDERFUL lys since then), and i had a COUPON :cheering:. sometime in the near future i would really like to get knitpicks’ sock set (6" DPNs in sz 0-3). their sock yarn is definitely the cheapest i’ve seen, and they have bunches of colors.

you could also try fingerless gloves, but you probably wouldn’t want to wear them year-round. if you want super practical, go with socks. :thumbsup:

I’ve made two pairs on double pts… had made one pair on 2 cirs… have not tried ML…
I think I’m hooked :blooby::x:

I buy whatever sock yarn that catches my eye. Right now I’m knitting Socks that Rock and I’m really into it. I like magic loop a lot but I don’t have a big problem with second sock syndrome so I knit one at a time. I just bought the sock set of needles from Knitpicks and I’m really impressed. They have the full metric range of sock needles in dpns so they have a couple of number 2’s. I also like the Schurch book because it helps you with whatever needle configuration you want. I’m hearing rave reviews over Cat Bordi’s new book. I would have a look at the blog cause she’s into the Summer of Socks and has blogged all summer long about them. Good Luck with your new obsession.

Favorite sock yarns: Superwash wool or wool soy blend. Must have either a great colorway or be rich colors.

I use DPN’s. They’re fun and people always are amazed at me using “all those needles”

One at a time.

Well you could be silly like me and start on size 0, but I would start on 3’s or 4’s. Any larger than that and socks feel “pebbly” to my feet.

Gadgets? Hmmm. a marker is good to have to keep up with where your first round is. A pattern if you consider that a gadget that is interesting. Nothing really that I can think of.

Secrets? HAVE FUN! I love knitting socks and they are portable. Look for interesting patterns that won’t make you go bonkers. The first few pair I made bored me to tears except when I was doing the cuff, heel and toe. Endless rounds of knit knit knit knit knit. It was sort of mindless and I could do it while watching tv or in meetings (not business, although I do know people who have knit in classes or in business meetings). I prefer to work on something that has some sort of interesting pattern or design. It keeps me interested even if it is the same pattern repeated. I tend to knit things faster when I have cables or eyelets or lacey patterns to follow. Something about “getting to the next part” motivates me to keep on knitting.

I LOVE to knit socks. They are quick - instant gratification :slight_smile:

I make sure I knit the second sock, by casting on IMMEDIATELY after finishing the first sock. Otherwise, it won’t get done. I know me!

I use 4 DPN, it’s the way I learned and so I use it. It works.

I’ve bought some hand dyed sock yarn from Emily Parsons Etsy Shop and really liked that.

Favorite sock yarn…just about any but right now i’m in love with tofutsies, cherry tree hill supersock, and regia bamboo (course i need to knit up the bamboo…)

I use 2 circs and 1 sock at a time

I use mostly my 1s and 2s

I love my little clickit row counter and my sensational knitted sock books

I’m really partial to Opal…love their colorways. I do magic loop, dpns, toe up or down, one or two at a time. It’s fun to mix it up so you don’t get bored but there are always lots of new things to try with socks!

I’ve only done one pair, but I love it - there’s such a wow factor there - at least for me - Like WOW - LOOK! I made a SOCK!! I’ve tried magic loop, but I like dpns better - it’s faster for me. I like hand-dyed sock yarns, and I’ve only used trekking, which was self striping and very nice, and I have some to-die-for Shaeffer Anne that might be too nice for my feet.

Good luck with yours! My advice: don’t try to start a pair when your lumbering down the road in a big pickup, three kids in the back occasionally kicking your seat, storm coming, on the way to a camping trip with a group of folks you reallly don’t want to camp with. You might stab someone, anyone, with your needles. That was my first sock experience - you’re probably smarter than me though!

my favorite thing about socks, is:

there are 3 directions to knit them
cuff down, toe up and crosswise (4 if you include Debbie New’s Swirl socks!)

there are at least 10 ways to cast on.
(cuff down? long tail, german (aka twisted) long tail, tubular, channel Isle, provisional–there are others but these are the best i think!)
toe up? figure 8, turkish, simple, provisional, magic, (again there are othe ways, but…)

There are Flap/turn/gussets heels (with a half dozens styles of turning–and these can be conventional or reverse engineered… and there are countless slip stitch patterns for the flap (heel stitch is just one!)

then there are other heels styles, short row, afterthought, turkish, strong, sherman (with or with out side gussets) and tube socks…

toes offer even more variations… round, star, flat, short row, square,

then there are stitch patterns suitable for socks, and choices of yarns… solids, stripes, patterns, multi color, superfine, fine, and thicker…

and there there are the novelty socks --EZ moc sock with the removeable toe/sole/heel…
multi color socks --spiral socks knit with a half dozen yarns…
i’ve knit a few dozen pairs of socks, and each pair is different.

Sock are never boring…

a favorites sock? ones i want to knit again and again? NONE.
but knitting socks–a new pair each time–That is my favorite thing to do!