Are you knitting right now, while reading here?

I’m sitting here knitting while reading and started to wonder how many others are doing the same.

If so… what are you knitting on?

I’m knitting on the Tater’s Cotton Cardi after seeing the one maxmom posted in the what’cha knittin forum.

Mama Bear

I’d be knitting if I was at home instead of stinky stupid work. :!!!: x-( :-x

Ditto. Having an early lunch and readin’ on the web!

I can’t really knit and read, not good enough to do it without dropping stitches!

Yep. Hanging here is what I do when I can’t knit.

[color=blue]Me too, work :!!!: it’s OVER RATED. I knit vicariously through you :hug:
anne [/color]

I keep this site minimized here at work and look every chance I get. I wish I could knit here at the office :teehee:

Wish I was…

Am in my daughter’s hospital room right now. She just came out of recovery and is grumpy as ever. Lots of pain, lots of drugs (for her, not me).

But, I do have my knitting with me. Might sneak in a little while she’s sleeping.


i’m knitting away on the couch, typing one handed right now, coz i don"t wanna get up… and i can reach the keys with one hand. (hence no capital letters)

i am desperately trying to finish up the final 3 inches of my tubey sweater. (link in sig.)

seems it’s had 3 inches left for a month now! lol.

Yep, working on my scarf trying to finally get it finished so I can start on socks.

Nope. I’m at work, so I’m not knitting, and I’m not here, either.

This post is purely a figment of your imagination. These are not the droids you are looking for. Move along.

It’s not comfortable enough in here to knit and read at the same time. And frankly if it was I still probably wouldn’t do it. Too distracting. :teehee:

Yup, knitting as usual! Making a matinee jacket for my friend’s little girl who is due in about a month.

Two sleeves, a collar and a ton of seaming to go…now back to reading!

Nope, kids are awake. Too hard to knit when a 3 year old and an 8 month old want to use you as a human jungle gym. (Did I spell jungle right? It looks funny, but I’m too lazy to look it up right now…)

Yep you spelled jungle correctly…I know this because my friend’s last name is “jungELs” and I always spell it wrong. :roflhard: (I am not a jungle I am a JUNGELS!) Heard it a few times.
I WISH I could knit OR websurf at work!!! But if I had to choose one, I would choose knitting…never enough time to knit…
When I’m here at home knitting, I open up my laptop and check the knit forum every now and then, when I need a break…


Yeap. Working on a scarf, while trying to shake off a headache

I had to stop knitting and go do dishes, pick up around the place, make some muffins, and a few things like that.

Now I’m not knitting, I’m tinking! I came back, picked up the sweater and started knitting the wrong way :roll:

My husband is saying I need a nap… that maybe the knitting the wrong way has to do with not sleeping much last night.

I hope all of you that can’t knit at work get to go home soon!

Mama Bear

Am I knitting while reading this? Nope :teehee: I’m crocheting…

I’m sitting in class not paying attention. :teehee:

I am usually at work. Shhh don’t tell…

When I am at home I am usually chasing my puppy around the house. My knitting hasn’t seen the outside of my bag for the past few weeks. :pout: