Are you knitting gifts for Christmas?


It’s two months before Christmas. I am just wondering if you are making
gifts for friends and family and how it goes.

I recently made a fish hat for me (I’ll be posting a pic someday) and wore it to a family camp out this past weekend. Two nieces saw it and loved it. One wants a fish hat like mine and the other one wants a “lion hat.” I can only assume from what she said that she wants it to look like she’s got her head stuck in the lion’s mouth! Good grief!:eyes:

Soooo . . . although I [I]wasn’t[/I] planning on making any Christmas gifts for people this year, I guess I am now.

Know of any “lion hats” where it looks like you’ve got your head in the lion’s mouth?

I have two grandsons, 4 1/2 and 11 1/2 they always get a pair of crazy socks from Nonny and this year I made them alike (they are cousins not brothers) I also made them each a hat and mittens and they are alike also except different colors. Though not Christmas, my sister’s birthday is the day after Christmas and I made her a pair of socks and my dd’s birthday is in a few weeks and I finished a hat, fingerless gloves, socks, and a coffee cup cozy for her. I now have a couple months to work on my own stuff (a sweater, two shells and two shawls for our cruise next year) before it starts all over again with birthdays and such, but I absolutely love it! :woot:

What about you, are you doing stuff for Christmas???

Wow, you are done already! :slight_smile: And I assume all this stuff is gift wrapped and that’s why there are no pictures? :wink:

I started making a mental list of people and their gifts but it seems like I might not have enough time… So I decided to make small things first and keep it simple. Today, I started pink beaded leg warmers for my daughter’s 3.5 y.o. friend (needed some mindless angry knitting cause my kids are too much today) :slight_smile:

I hope people would post some pictures. It’s a great source of inspiration to see how much time and efforts knitters invest in handmade gifts.

No, but I would be so thrilled to see a fish become a lion :slight_smile: That’s some cool hat! :slight_smile:

I haven’t even thought about Christmas yet. I should get on the ball here. I’m trying to get ready before Wisconsin becomes an Ice Bowl again. We’re pretty set with hats and mittens from last year, but I’m doing one or two pair of mittens in wool rather than acrylics for myself. Finished those. My latest project is winging a dog sweater for our Corgi. I can’t find any patterns for one online. He has a hot dog body that is hard to fit. I’m doing this in a cheap acrylic I want to use up. It’s my test version. My canine model squirms and isn’t very cooperative but he’ll live.

I have posted most of it already over the last 3 months or so. A couple things I am just finishing up though and will post. The twisted stitch hat I posted is for my grandson and awhile back I posted a bright green and yellow hat and fingerless gloves for my dd. I haven’t posted the mittens or my oldest grandson’s hat, but have posted all the socks at one time or another. I have a sister’s birthday in April I usually do something for, a girlfriend in May I do something for, my grandsons both have June birthdays, and on and on so I start doing Christmas stuff around August when I am over most of the birthday stuff I make. I don’t work and my husband still does so it is just myself and my yorkie during the day so we talk and knit away the day! :slight_smile: He doesn’t hold up his end of the deal very well though. He tends to go to sleep fairly quickly so isn’t much of a conversationist so I listen to audiobooks on my Iphone and get things done! :0) Oh and I absolutely despise wrapping gifts so they won’t be wrapped until the very last minute! If I ever get rich, I will never wrap another gift myself, I will hire someone to do it! lol

I wish I could do some Christmas knitting, but my husband’s family only likes brand-new, store bought things. :shrug:

And my side of the family already has all kinds of gifts from my needles. Wonder what I could do for next year?


Knit some hats for the homeless and take them to a shelter. Believe me, they would be very appreciated!

I’m knitting a hat for a friend. She’s always cold, has a rather small head but likes big hats!

This is simple, k3p2 on round needles in Red Heart Chunky. I’m not sure how long to make it before beginning decreases, and I can’t very well get her to try it on, or it won’t be a surprise.

Last year I gave her a wool hat I knitted, and she shrunk it in the wash; she felt so bad about it, insisted she could still wear it, but I noticed that her ears were sticking below it, and cold…so this year I’m using acrylic yarn. I hope it will be warm! We have a LOT of snow and cold here.

Here it is so far:

In addition to the lion-swallowing-your-head hat that I’m already scheduled to knit, plus the other fish hat, now I must add a bunny hat to the queue. Apparently (and really, I had NO idea I was in style) knit animal hats are THE rage this year among tweens and teens.

I MUST stop wearing my fish hat around lest I get so many requests that I sink beneath the weight of them!!

The hat looks fabulous! It’s a wonderful and thoughtful gift for your friend. And I admire you for trying again after last year’s experience. You are a good friend.

knitters are always in style :slight_smile:

I love fuzzy hats and your looks great! I am sure your friend will be thrilled :slight_smile:

I’m making an afghan for my mom as a surprise. I’m very new at knitting and this will be the first thing I’ve ever made. It’s not really for Christmas, it’s a " just because I love you":heart: gift but if I got it done by Christmas that would be okay. She thinks I’m making pot holders. :stuck_out_tongue: She lives in another state so it’s pretty easy to fool her. I’ll be posting a picture here when I’m done and doing a post about it on my blog after she’s gotten it…she reads my blog so I don’t want to spoil it.

ANTARES…what is a “lion swallowing your head hat”??? I am very curious to see such a thing.

If Antares doesn’t answer, does anyone else know?

I found this site, could this be what she’s referring to?

I also saw a “Lion Hood” on Etsy…very creative!

well…i have all of my christmas shopping, and about half of my knitting/crocheting done. idk what got into me this year!!! lol

Woodi: "what is a “lion swallowing your head hat”??? I am very curious to see such a thing.

I found this site, could this be what she’s referring to?
I also saw a “Lion Hood” on Etsy…very creative!"

Yes, these lion hoods/hats are very cute; HOWEVER, I greatly fear they’re NOT what my niece wanted. From her description, she wants a lion hat with an open lion’s mouth as the part where you insert your head (hence, the “lion-swallowing-your-head hat”–my terminology, of course)!!

And no, I’ve not found any patterns like this anywhere, so I’ll be doing my best to design it (and I’m a fairly new knitter, so THIS should be . . . fun–yeah, that’s the word I’m looking for!!).

If I have any measure of success, I’ll be sure and post a picture (but I don’t even have the yarn yet, so it’ll be awhile).