Are you going to watch the "Knit In" tomorrow on K

I heard it on HGTV yesterday… Knitty Gritty is having a “Knit In” tomorrow where knitters will make blocks… I think for an afghan… I am little unclear as to why but Knitty Gritty is supposed to run back to back episodes~!! :cheering: :cheering: :cheering: :heart: :heart:

Sadly this is only for people who have DIY. :pout:

I thought it was next sunday durirng the superbwl? :?? I thought it was specifically something to do instead of watching the superbowl, ya know do some charity instead of something gulp selfish

so is this tomorrow or not? what time does it start?

It is with the day of the superbowl~!
Maybe it’s next Sunday… it is Superbowel Sunday~!!

does it say on HGTV what time is starts?

just checked her blog: its next sunday from 5-11 pm (eastern time i’m guessing :shrug: )

Thanks TJ for clearing that up for us~!

jenelle, it’s actually on HGTV, not DIY. Down here that’s a regular channel, maybe you can catch it after all.

knitty gritty is on both HGTV and DIY (at different times), but the marathon mentioned is gonna b on DIY

oh poop, i thought the marathon was HGTV. sorry about that! :frowning:

:waah: :waah: :waah: