Are these false buttons? Or am I dumb and not reading this pattern right?



I bought a pattern from Ravelry and I can’t understand the part about the buttons. I’m fairly new at knitting and I thought I’d challenge myself with cables and seed stitch, both of which are going very well! The problem are the button holes and the buttons…

Here is what I’m trying to make:

Here’s what the pattern says:

Back (make one in each colour)

Work as for front, omitting buttonholes on Row 13. *(doing a yf as well as yrn makes a bigger buttonhole) (For reference, this is Row 13: (buttonhole row) K4 k2tog, *yf, yrn, k to last 6sts, yf, yrn, k2tog, k4

Making Up

Place front pieces right sides together. Sew up sides and top using back stitch, then turn the right way round and sew up the bottom using mattress stitch. Do the same with the back pieces. Sew the front to the back at bottom 3cm/1¼ in along the seam which connects the two colours, so that whichever way round the cosy is, the seam is in the same place. Sew buttons in place on both back pieces.

The part is confuses me is that its asking me to sew the buttons to the back pieces, which have no button holes. Wouldn’t this make the buttons non-functional? How does the tea cozy stay on the teapot then? What am I missing? Help!


Welcome to KH!
This project shows you the buttons on both sides of the back pieces (the pieces without buttonholes). It’s so that the cozy is reversible. I think the photos help more with button placement than the directions.


Ahh! Yes! I was reading it wrong. I was confusing the INSIDES with the BACKS. It’s still not the clearest of patterns but I think I got it now. Thanks for taking the time to respond!