Are there certain types of yarns recommended for brioche?

Happy Friday everyone.

I’ve learned that certain types of yarns tend to work better for certain techniques, stitches or projects. Woollen-spun for stranded colorwork, for instance, helps hiding some tension sins. Are there yarn characteristics that you would recommend for brioche? I tried having a look in Ravelry at what knitters use for brioche but it seemed rather eclectic. No preferred type of yarn?

It’s nice to have a yarn with good stitch definition for brioche. A worsted spun is more likely to work.
That said, there aren’t really hard and fast rules about this. I’ve certainly done color work and stranded knitting with worsted spun. One of the many benefits of a local yarn shop (if you’re lucky enough to have one) is that you get to feel the yarn as well as get good advice on yarn selection.


Great article, thanks! I don’t currently have access to a local yarn store. It helps to know that good stitch definition is what you tend to be looking for in brioche. Ultimately, I’ll swatch and see if I like the texture when I get the yarn, but you might have spared me a bad purchasing decision.