Are There 16" Circular Addis or Similar?

[color=blue]I am making a drawstring bag … it calls for 3.75 mm needles so I have a 16" cord … the 100 st fit fine … these are just an inexpensive pair of gray metal ones … I have some Addis but notice that my LYS only carries them in 24" … also like the Bates ones that I have gotten at Michaels but they too only seem to come in the 24" … do you know if Addis or Bates come in 16"?


There are 16" Addis. I’m using them right now but I noticed that they are kind of rare in the LYSs.

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Nadja xxx

yep–they’re out there but I agree w/ nadja–they are more difficult to find than other lengths. You might want to look for them online…

Yup…I have 14 pairs of 16" Addis :oops: …they are my favorite needles! Though the 24"s are really nice too…the needle tips are the perfect length :smiley:

I like the 16" Addis. They even have 12", and are the only company that I know of that carries circs that short. The 12s are a little TOO short IMHO, but some patterns call for them.

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Clover carries some 8 inchers - also hard to find (super hard) but they’re out there.

Cosigning that there are 16 inch addi’s. I also have several pair.

I found the 40 cm Addis at the yarn store in Point Grey…can’t remember the name but it’s on W 10th. They keep them behind the counter so I had to ask if they carried them! They have a great yarn sale wall too…well worth the drive from Surrey :happydance: .

As someone who works in an LYS… I can tell you that we have been experiencing MAD CRAZY backorders with Skacel, and its mostly with their 16" needles, and within that group, mostly sz 7 & 8. Im talking MONTHS of backorders. When they finally DID send a partial shipment a couple of weeks ago, they only sent 5 of each of those sizes and those sold out with a quickness. People were coming from the north side of the city after calling all over creation. So, please be patient wtih your LYSs… its not their fault… its REALLY frustrating for everyone!

Someone else in Vancouver??? There is a shop in Point Grey??? Wonder if it’s Three Bags Full … ooo I must find it. :blooby:

Sam do you know about the Vancouver Knitting Meetup??


You can also get Susan Bates Silverado 16" circulars at Joanne online. Probably cheaper and faster than Addis on Ebay - especially if you have a 40% off coupon and/or free shipping. They are just as nice with flexible cords…more flexible than the Susan Bates Silvalumes.

Hi MrsColumbo!

I am posting a photo of a pair of my 16" Addi Turbos. Notice how the cables STRAIN when you bring the tips together? The disadvantage: the tips become slippier and more difficult under this strain. Makes the knitting in the round a FIGHT to the finish! Even pinning them into place was a fight!

Here is a link to located in Oregon. Good people and quick to ship. They have all lengths Addis (and others)available:

Here is a link to one of my favorite haunts. She sells Lantern Moons, which are becoming one of my favorites. Available in all lengths, in Ebony or Rosewood. I like both.

If I had it to do over, I would purchase Lantern Moon only in 16" length.

Hi Toby,
I’m in Kamloops…so I only get my yarn fix every few months when I’m in Vancouver. My favorite yarn store is Urban Yarns on W 10th. They also have a North Vancouver store. Lots of patterns and the best yarn discount wall. I always come home with lots of wool and new knitting ideas. I bought some sock yarn last time I was visiting priced at $6.95/ball which sells for $14.95/ball in Kamloops! I’m flying out of Vancouver airport next week so I hope to stop at Urban Yarns before I leave.

Hi Sam,

Do let me know when you are coming to Vancouver again … I feel the need for visiting a new yarn shop and having wooly companionship. :teehee: I’ve only been here two years from the east coast and know few people and fewer knitters.