Are Spacebags OK?

[color=blue][/color] I have a cat & I knit. Enough said. I have tried using plastic boxes- she opens them. I have tried putting them in dresser drawers, I came home to find my yarn all over the house. Ziplock bags would overwhelm me. Has anyone used the spacebags to store extra , uh stash yarn? I’ve thought of replacing the cat… but dang it she is good to snuggle in the middle of my back in the winter… and easier to put up than a husband. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

:shock: Is your cat named Houdini by any chance? She can open drawers!?

I dont’ see why spacebags wouldn’t work, but they are really just a different type of ziploc. Have you seen the new super big ziplocs? Those would well I’d think!

I thought of getting spacebags for non-knitting purposes about a month ago, and I did a search on What I was finding that turned me off of them was that they were getting negative reviews for 2 things (thin plactic --not good with kitties) and seal failure (part you connect hose to in order to suck out air). Because of thin plastic, reviewers were saying they punctured easily and once there is a hole, you can’t vacuum out as much air.

In case little ziplocks drive you nuts, they or the other major zipper bag brand (can’t think of it) makes a hugs one with handles meant for storing sweaters and such–I think I saw one at superwalmart.


Her name is Cassie, lol but she is an escape artist. lol I"ll try the huge ziplock. I would have to buy boxes & boxes of the small ones… She seems to stay away from plastic, (except to get in bags and smile at me). So that is a great idea… Thanks for the input…Hugs & happy knitting!

I just looked them up…they are called Ziploc Big Bags and they come in two sizes.

This thread brings to mind those plastic containers for holding your working yarn, I saw at my LYS. I took a good look at them for several reasons, the first and foremost being our kitties, they have such a fascination with a moving ball. :smiley:

I didn’t buy any because I thought 'pshaw, I can figure out something else, I’d rather spend my $ on yarn glorious yarn! Well when I was finishing up container of Folgers coffee, you know the new plastic kind, I thought, with a little modification this could work just fine. Just cut a hole somewhere or other on the lid, make sure it has smooth edges, and problem solved. The only thing holding me back is not wanting my yarn to reek of coffee grounds. :smiley:

I have got to see a picture of a cat that can open boxes and drawers!!

lol I don’t have my digital, somehow my daughter swiped w/ promises of lots of pictures of my granddaughter. I’ll take one and have film developed and sent here. She is a long hair American Heinz 57. I resuced her at a local shelter where she had about 4 hours left. I’ve had her for almost 2 years. She is mainly grey w/ light grey tiger markings. Very friendly, and loveable. She just loves to get into things and is very very patient in her endevors.

What about a blanket / sweater storage bag? The big zipper ones that sit under your bed??

My cat opens drawers as well. I have resorted to a cedar chest we use as a coffee table in our family room.

I sympathize!!! I have 2 cats and one kitten. They are also little houdinis and know how to open doors, get into closets and rooms, etc… which means hiding my knitting stuff in one specific room is OUT! LOL

So I tried the plastic zip slide bags to no avail… they tear really easily. So then I went out and bought a wooden “magazine holder” and lo and behold – apart from trying to scratch the darn thing with their claws every so often (for which they get told off) they leave it alone. I just make sure to put a pillow/cushion/towel/etc over the top of it when everything is stored away.

I even left it in the lounge overnight and they didn’t get into it once.

Also, my step mother has 2 dogs who like getting into her crochet so she bought a foot stool that opens up for storage and puts her crochet in there. They can’t push the lid open so they leave it alone.

Wash 'em really well, then make sure they’re really dry. Scoop two tablespoons of baking soda in them and close the lid. Let them sit for a couple of days, then clean them out again. That should get rid of the coffee smell :smiley:

Thank you Diana, I just didn’t think even a good wash would get it out. The baking soda just might do the trick. :smiley:

One of my cats is like that too. He opens drawers, cabinets, doors, and even the fridge :?? . He doesn’t take anything out of the fridge, but one of the dogs follows him around and steals food once the cat opened something- he needs to learn how to close things behind him! Anyway, I just use baby-proofing devices on the areas I don’t want him to get into and he hasn’t figured those out yet.

I like to use the plastic tubs that sherbet comes in. There’s no smell and they are clear so you can see how much yarn is left.

So do mine. The answer - have heavy things in your drawers. This mostly keeps mine out, but they do open them sometimes. Of course, I store my yarn in the closet. But my cats can open doors! :shock: They do it all the time, but with the suction of air flow in the house (I guess thats how it works?) They hardly ever open my closet door.