Are our KH friends in FL (and Mason) safe and Accounted For?

I just saw the news about the awful wreck in Florida on the interstate between Tampa and Orlando. Florida friends, please let us know you are ok!! Silver, Auburnchick and Stitchwitch come to mind!! Don’t mean to leave anyone out! Let us know how you all are doing!!

What happened? Do ypou have a link to a news story?

Here is a link.

50 car crash/3 dead.

Sorry I didn’t include that - thanks Letah!

So sad!

Oh how awful :pout: I hope all our KHers and their family/friends are ok :hug:

Present and accounted for.
That wreck is bad, they are still cleaning it up and the interstate is still closed. The death count is now to four. I was just watching our news footage of it and we have alot of footage since it’s just a little ways away from Tampa and our news stations cover that area and it’s simply a miracle that we’ve only lost four so far. There are numerous people hospitalized, I only hope they make it ok.

:hug: I hope there aren’t any more casualties

My pleasure!

Thanks for the concern, Sharly. I’m in north Florida, and, fortunately, we weren’t traveling for soccer, although my dd and dh just got back from down that way.


Prayers for those touched by this tragedy…

I hope all those people that were trapped and injured are ok. and i’m grateful that so far the kh floridians are ok. :hug:

All of me and mine are fine :slight_smile:

My clan is just fine and in north florida. Tragic accident though! :frowning:

There were 20 semi trucks involved in the crash. Where’s Mason? :help:



I think he’s mostly cross country. Unless he took an odd load or I’m wrong he wouldn’t be on that road. I’m pretty sure he lives north of there and I-4 is an East to West road in the middle of the state.

I edited the title to include (and Mason) - I think he was home recently - maybe he wasn’t traveling in the area. Hopefully the title will attract his attention and he will respond.

So tragic, but a blessing still that so few were casualties.

:hug: to all involved.