Are fingerless mitts good gifts?

It seems that fingerless mitts are all the rage at the craft fairs/fiber fests I have been too this fall. I am making myself a set of “Fetching” from Knitty right now and they are quick and easy. I am wondering if they would make good Christmas gifts for people - mostly female friends ? Do people really wear them and like them?

I made mine a couple of years ago. I still wear them and the ones I made for my friends are still wearing theirs. Ya I think they make very good gifts.

I’m making a somewhat complicated pair right now: Vertigris on
They were going to be a Xmas gift for my cousin, but as of now, I’m thinking of doing just one glove & keeping it for myself because at this rate, I’ll never finish by Xmas. One glove may seem strange, but it’s perfect for holding the dog’s leash. The other hand stays in the coat pocket.

I made some for my 3 daughters to wear in their cold offices. Two of them wear them elsewhere as well. I’d say they were a good gift for anyone who works or needs/wants their fingers available for other situations, too. Like knitting outdoors, in a basement, etc.

Here’s the link to Tinker’s pattern.
I think I’d go for something simpler for multiple gifts. I made this one for one of my daughters in hot pink and she loves them. You can see them on my Rav page.

Thanks for the link, Jan! I forgot to mention it.

I had planned on making them for my DD and her 2 roommates. DD saw the first pair I made and “demanded” a pair (with a matching scarf) lol! Mom saw them as well and asked for a pair that she could wear in her cold office. So running the gamut from 21 to 73, I’d say go for it!

I keep a pair I made at work for chilly days. Monday mornings are always chilly until the heat gets going.

I’ve given them to co-workers who love them, too.

Wow - those are both beautiful. The first one would definitely be too time consuming for multiple gifts (esp b/c my FIL has requested socks). I wil try the cable pair next. Right now I am working on

I would say they are. My son wears the ones I made him for outside work and my co-worker says she always wears the fingerless mitts I made her when she walks her dogs or just when readings or something in a cold room. They were even stolen by her son one day - je said it was cold in his class room. She now asked me to teach her how to knit them so she can make some for him.

Wow those gloves Jan in Cal showed us are amazing… whew… I have to get my butt moving to get my knitting down pat…

Any beginnger patters for gloves… I am looking for the kind that just rest across the palm with a thumb hole… or anything else out there easier… so I can advance to those…

thanks all ahead

I never thought about it before, but have several stockings to fill where I know they’d be appreciated. Thanks for some great patterns!

My first fingerless gloves came from a modified cell phone cover pattern because I liked the cable.

If you want something really simple, cast on enough stitches to reach comfortably around your wrist. (I have big hands, and for me that varies from about 36 stitches in DK to 24 in bulky weight.) Decide where you want it to reach on your wrist/forearm and knuckles. K1P1, or K2P2, or mistake rib or whatever, in a flat piece until the piece measures that much and bind off. Lay your hand down, see where the thumb hole needs to be, and sew up the seam except for that. Bada bing, bada boom, done:teehee:. Of course you can put on fingers, put a “cuff” around the thumb, use stripes, cables, lace…it’s all good.

Based on this thread I just knitted my first

It was perfect because I had some malabrigo leftover from a hat I did for myself and I couldn’t think of a nice small project. The yarn is so soft and warm, and the first mitt knit up in just a couple hours. I <3 it… now I have to make myself cast the second one on ;o)

Thanks all for ideas… gonna try Evans when I get some needles… trying the flat version first. Since I have needles for that.