Are DPN's on the endangered species list?

Yesterday I had to go to Joann’s to get some buttons, and I also had to get some #5 DPN’s. They didn’t have any DPN’s, except for a sock set of DPN’s from 0-2.

Ok, so I went to Michaels, they have a nice yarn section. Two sizes… neither of them 5.

I ended up going to Hobby Lobby, where they had them, but just barely. It was the last set.

I do have a LYS but they are pretty spendy, so I try to avoid it. I know that’s awful, but what can I do? When I learn how to grow money, I’ll shop there.

Have you had trouble finding DPN’s?

Yup. I ended up ordering them on-line.

They are hard to find on eBay too, unless you want to purchase a lot of god-knows-what needles.

I also find the chain hobby stores here do not have many. And if they do, they are the larger ones.

I like Crystal Palace, Pony Pearls and the new KnitPicks Harmony DPNs. I go to my LYS (they carry CP) or order on line (for the other brands). After taking into account the cost of shipping, I usually find the LYS prices to be okay although they do seem higher per item.

I usually get mine from KnitPicks. I love their DPNs, and they’re fairly reasonable (although I think they went up not too long ago). I tend to snap the wooden ones, so the metal works great for me. I know what you mean about them going on the endangered species list though. It can get frustrating.

I also had trouble finding DPNs. A few months ago I decided to just keep buying all the available sizes at craft stores and my LYS until I had a complete set. Now I have all the sizes between 0 and 11 so I don’t have to worry about finding a size when I start a new project. :slight_smile:

It’s not just you. Last time I went to Michael’s they only had very short DPNs in two sizes in bamboo. I don’t prefer knitting with bamboo, so I ended up going to Hobby Lobby where they only had them in sizes 6, 7 and 8 which I rarely use.

Same boat. I end up going to the LYS to get DPN’s because Hobby Lobby doesn’t have a very big selection. My size 4 and above DPN’s are bamboo. I have a pair of bamboo size 1 DPN’s, but I can see where they would break on you if you’re not careful.

I’ve noticed the same thing with circular needles, too. If it’s not between sizes 8 and 15 and it’s not 29 inches long, I have to get it online or at the LYS.

my work is nearing completion. bwahahahahaha. j/k. i am soooooooooooo in love with magic loop and 2 circs knitting. i have a complete set of dpn’s with multiples of some sizes and i simply DON’T USE ANY of them anymore. that’s how much i love ml and 2 circs.

ETA: actually, i HAVE been using a size 9 dpn as a cable needle. :wink:

I laughed out loud when I read that. :slight_smile: I just KNEW it was an evil plot, implemented by someone on the inside!!! :wink:

There is a website somewhere that you can buy used ones. I don’t have the link but I know I’ve seen it around here. Or try complete sets on Ebay. I’m just slowly building up at Knitpicks though.

I’m in Canada, but our local WalMart and Zellers (think KMart) both have a good selection of DPNs in sizes above 3mm. Michael’s has some, but none of them are great for smaller sock sizes. Luckily our LYS carries a wide range.


I’ve seen sets in size 0-8 at my Hobby Lobby. They don’t haveall of them all the time, but they do carry them.

i have never seen much of anything besides the yarn at Michaels. I got all my DPNs at Hobby Lobby while they were on their 50% sales (which was just in the last week i think.)

However, I would strongly suggest Knit Picks. I have heard nothing but good stuff from them and they are relatively inexpensive. They have made some sets from the DPNs too.

Of course, I never use my DPNs… except to scratch my back somtimes! :wink: Okay I do use them once in a while because I have them in a cool little case that is easy to grab without having to put together needles. But I am all about the 2 circ knitting. almost no need for DPNs in my world. :thumbsup: