Are clogs easy?

I am thinking about trying to make my DH (and others) felted clogs for Christmas. Must start now to have time to knit them while he’s not around. I usually like to read patterns first, but as it looks like this one will have to be ordered … how easy are they? I have knit hats, socks, scarves etc, but no sweaters or the like.

Kelly is the Clog Queen. She did that one year and if I’m not mistaken that was the first knitting class she taught. So just on the chance that she doesn’t see this post, why don’t you stop by her blog or pm her?

I’ve done them. Not difficult at all. And the felting hides any design improvements (ie: flaws)

The first few took me a few days. Now, I can whip one up in a night.

Clogs are VERY EASY, you just need to follow the directions EXACTLY. SOmetimes when I knit I try to “think” ahead and anticipate but with the clogs you must go line by line, stitich by stitch. They aren’t something you can knit in front of the TV. I do them at the ktichen table witht he pattern right in front of me and use a sticky note to keep my place on the pattern.

not hard at all- I love em!

Very, very easy, and very quick to knit.

Super easy! The pattern looks dreadful when you see it for the first time but once you start knitting to it it comes real easy, don’t freak out when you see the pattern. I’m a novice (scarves, purses, easy stuff) and I’ve knitted up two pairs already. Just make sure you pay attention when felting, I used Lamb’s Pride and it felted up pretty quickly for me.

Very easy! I have knit four pair, I think, and they go very quickly too. I am working on my very first sweater now and I’ve never knit socks either. Just make sure you pay attention to the pattern. I always make a copy and black out the parts that don’t apply for the size I’m making and keep a pen handy to cross off what I’ve already done. You’ll be sure to have more requests for them once you show them off! Have fun!

I didn’t realize I had to follow a chart :ick: …I have read charts for years doing cross-stitch, but honestly have steered clear of knitting charts. Maybe I can get it in before my next knit night and then I can ask the nice ladies all my questions.

Needing quiet will be an issue in my house, but I guess I can tell hubby the puppy needs some quiet time and take her and my clogs downstairs.

Thanks for the encouragement !! I am so excited to have anther project to buy more yarn for … more practice using my swift and ball winder woohooo

My fiber trends pattern doesn’t have a chart. I am not sure how easy it will be as I have never made one and just got the pattern today. I am waiting for color charts from KP before starting.

The pair I made had no chart… just a pattern. It has stitch counts and instructions for 4 or 5 different sizes on the same sheet and that’s what makes it confusing to follow (hence the highlighter). I took a class at my LYS and was glad to have done it because there were some new skills (wrapping and turning, for instance). It was fun to do.

It was my first non hat/scarf/bag project. I’m pretty happy with them and will make a pair for my mom for Christmas… maybe my boyfriend, too (if he’s nice!)

Here are some pics pre-felting. I didn’t take any after photos for some reason… hmm?

I just felted mine TODAY!! They are out on the back railing (on a cookie rack) drying. They are pretty easy, one of my first finished projects besides socks.

not to hi-jack your post, but i was wondering if anyone added actual soles (like rubber ones) to these to make them suitable for outdoor wear?

Glad to know there are ones out there without charts…that’s the one I’m going for. Great idea to make a copy of it !!!

As for soles - hubby is always on me to add soles to a pair of wool socks I made him so he can take the dogs out before bed in them. We haven’t done it yet, but don’t see why you couldn’t put a piece of leather on them.

There are two piece slipper soles and then a full sole that I have seen so far. I am getting them to give my clogs more traction for my mom.

it’s not really a chart, just row by row directions. The pattern is easy. I have made 3 pairs and my daughter has made 2 pairs. Lots of color options and you can felt them to your desired size. Large needles too. It is a great pattern, fun project and excellent gift.

[FONT=Comic Sans MS][SIZE=3][COLOR=darkgreen]I was really suprise at how easy they were to do…[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]
[FONT=Comic Sans MS][SIZE=3][COLOR=#006400]I had seen pics of some done so I ordered the pattern and surprise, I have clogs, well the whole family has clogs now.[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]

I used Trends pattern for felted clogs no chart just the pattern… they are easy but follow pattern line by line