Are button hole rows the same as button bands


Helllo and thank you for this forum.
I am at a point

in my pattern that says “
Continue work in stockinette stitch, maintaining button bands at the start and end of each row for 5 rows.
The directions for button hole row on RS are : K2,YO,K2tog,K to the end of the row.
Is this what I am suppose to be doing at the start and end of these next 5 rows starting with. K row ?
( Krow,P row, K row, P row, K row)
Would be so grateful if someone could help me!
Thank you in advance !!!


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What is the name of your pattern? Can you give us a link to it?
Button band can be used in the general sense of the two columns on either side of the cardigan front, one with buttons, one with buttonholes. It seems to me that the 5 rows at the end of the scan you posted are simply worked in stockinette with the 2 button bands in garter without buttonholes.


Thank you so much