Are blankets one knitted piece

I’ve only been knitting for a few days, I really would like to make blankets for my girls.

I got to thinking about it, are blankets one continous knitted piece or pieces joined together?

How would you make something wider than the needle?


It entirely depends on the pattern. Some are one piece, some are panels or squares or whatever, seamed together at the end.

For a large blanket in one piece you would use a long circular needle and use it to knit back and forth, just as you would with straight needles except that they hold TONS more stitches than a straight needle ever could.


I think I’ll try a block blanket first. :teehee:

I don’t know if I could knit a whole blanket on circular needles, right now I can’t do a 9x9 square without dropping a stitch. :wall: