Are all Noro yarns scratchy?

There look so beautiful. DD likes rainbow sweaters and I have my eye on Kureyon. What do you think?

I think Kureyon is scratchy.

Have you ever seen Southwest Trading Company’s Karaoke? I made a sweater and scarf with the Mermaid colorway. The yarn is gorgeous! And soft!

I made a cardigan using Kureyon and it is a little scratchy - not too bad but I wouldn’t wear it without clothing underneath it. I’ve also made one using blossom which is softer because it isn’t 100% wool - can’t remember the exact proportions but it has silk and angora in it too I think.

Noro do make yarns mixed up with other components than just wool - for example their silk garden feels softer than kureyon - I’ve just bought some kochoran which is made up of 50% wool, 20% silk and 30% angora - I’ve not yet knitted with it but rolling it into balls it feels lovely and soft - quite fluffy though because of the angora. I can’t wait to swatch with it!

I would say to look a the composition of each type of Noro because some of them are a lot softer than others - if you search for them on google you can always find a site that tells you the composition.

I have to say I’m a huge Noro fan - aswell as my two already completed jumpers I’ve got plans for 2 or 3 more already!

So Go For It! And enjoy it. :muah:

Thanks Sue and Ingrid.
Ingrid: your scarf and sweater are gorgeous ! I think I am going to get some Southwest Trading Company’s Karaoke. Where should I go to for it?
Sue: Let me know if it’s scratchy once you knitted up your sweater.

I have to agree with Ingy…the Kureyon is a little scratchy especially for something like a sweater. The karaoke is very soft and I have that colorway right now…it is GORGEOUS! :heart:

I don’t have anything to say about the yarns, but I did have to say wow, Ingrid. No wonder you’re the resident expert. Those pieces are beautiful! :notworthy:

:aww: Thanks! But it’s the yarn that makes them outstanding.


ive seen both of those pieces beforewhen you posted them first and they are both so absolutely stunning! made a definite impression on me. how many balls of yarn did you use for the scarf?


I am glad you are carrying those rainbow beauties. Can you tell me which color includes a rainbow serie? I want something like blue-purple-red-orange-yellow-green. Thanks !

They are all very colorful, but probably the one that has the most of the colors you mentioned is 306, Epiphany.