Are all Berrocco patterns horrible...?

… or just the one I’m doing?

The pattern is the La Cieniga sweater (the KAL I started for it is here), and I’ve finished all the pieces and am about to (try to) sew them together. I made gauge for what should have been my size, but I’m already thinking the sweater will be too small. The measurements for where they want you to put the sleeves in relation to the neckline are absurd - can’t possibly be right, so I’m going to change those. But all in all, this has been a horribly-written pattern - anyone else done Berrocco patterns? Are they all this awful?

I just finished the Wren sweater and I know what you mean. The instructions say ‘easy’ it’s not… and the shawl collar is way too wide behind the neck ( great fit if you are an ostr[I]ch):shrug:[/I]

Oh dear, I was looking at one of there dress patterns to print off and put away for a future project. I’ll have to think more carefully now.

Nice avatar kirochka, James Masters is yummy, with his clothes on. Clothes off :ick:

Yes, they are. I was knitting a sweater, got the exact stitch and row gauge, cast on for one particular size, and got about twice that. Even with exact gauge!

Edit- that was my first sweater. After that, I bought [I]The Sweater Workshop [/I]and calculated my own raglan and steeked sweaters. I mostly now use steeks for all my sweaters, but…

Glad it’s not just me - I finally put together the sweater, tried twice with the sleeves, and it’s still mostly a disaster. I was afraid it would be too small - the body of the sweater fits, but the neckline is just too wide and the sleeves, even put back where the pattern says to put them, still fall off my shoulders and are shorter than they appear in the pattern photo. I’ll post photos in the KAL thread, but I’m putting it away for now - maybe when I’m a more advanced knitter I’ll be able to alter it to fit - but for now I just don’t even want to see it anymore!

(P.S. Nobones, re Marsters sans clothing… my goodness, what’s not to like!?:eyebrow::drool: :teehee: He’s doing a concert somewhere in Wales, Cardiff maybe, I read the other day - because he’s there filming for [I]Torchwood[/I], which by the way I don’t think we get on TV here.)

Hi, was debating on purchasing a pattern book (Norah Gaughan, Vol. 1) from Berroco; I might have to reconsider though.

Kirochka – Maybe BBC America or SciFi will show Torchwood in another year or so; since it only had its first season/series (fall/winter) in the UK.

a teacher at our lys has had conversations with the woman in charge of the pattern dept… the woman with Berroco has repeatedly begged the powers that be to actually write the patterns out line by line instead of repeat row 14 twice etc… and reverse for the other side…etc…:hair: She is new to the position and hopefully will change things for us… she understands completely and :wall:
…is fighting for all knitters who want to keep our hair!!!


I haven’t knitted any of their patterns yet, but I was contemplating a tank top pattern…Maybe I should just shell out the $$ and buy one.

Wow, Im glad Im not the only one. I thought it was just me and I sucked at knitting and reading patterns, it was horrible! Ive tried a few of them, but all of them are horribly written. Hope the powers that be can help us out.

I know I know! I just can’t stand men with smooth chests and washboard stomachs, :ick: :ick: :ick:. It’s not for me. I heard he is going to be in Torchwood, I hope he keeps his clothes on.

Now my kind of man, (You know the kind you [COLOR=Red]wouldn’t[COLOR=Black] kick out of bed) Is ‘Grissom’ from CSI, or just William Petersen in general. Mark Addy isn’t bad either but can’t think of anything you US guys might have seen him in… ’ A knight’s tale’, or ‘The Full Monty’.

I know you’ll all have me committed now!

Mark Addy has actually done a sitcom here - not sure what it’s called (And yes, he made quite an impression in [I]The Full Monty[/I]!).

(OK, just checked on line - the sitcom was called [I]Still Standing[/I], and he did an American accent in it.)

Generally I don’t go for the smooth-chest-and-washboard-abs look either (well, not the smooth chest part!), but Marsters, well, couldn’t help myself…:teehee: definitely wouldn’t be kicking him out of anywhere!

I realize this is totally non-topic-related, but I feel much better with this topic than I do when thinking about Berrocco patterns… they just make me grind my teeth…

I did the Marissa last year for my dd for her birthday (see pic of pattern photo) but it came out like this (see completed project photos.) She loves the sweater and gets lots of compliments, but it is not fitted to her body though I religiously do a gauge on my projects and this was a perfect gauge.

I almost have to wonder if the sweaters in the photos in the patterns are pegged in the back! You know, the way they stick clothespins in the back of shirts on store mannequins and such?

Oh, and P.S. Nonny, that sweater looks lovely, even if it’s not the same fit as the pattern!

I’ve abandoned doing anything of there’s, I have now read else where on the net that the fit of the items are good. Which is fine if it’s a purse or scarf, but not a garment.

I thought it was because i didnt know what i was doing .
my gauge was right but the top did not fit.:pout:

If you notice though the buttons are on the opposite side! I knit lefthanded and when I finished it to sew it up for a few minutes was stymied why the heck the “fake” placket was on the wrong side!:lol:

Word around town is lots of fashion mags, including the knitting ones, do this.

Their free patterns are horrendous. The books that you pay 14.00 for are good, though. Which peeves me off, cause if they can get it right for the paid stuff then just do the same for the free ones. It’s all very off-putting.

Nikki, I figured that was the case, but since my only source for that was the 1957 movie Funny Face, I didn’t want to chance it!:wink:

The pattern I did was purchased, not free…:grrr: